My left hearing aid stop working blueooth

I use 7bx Siemens Pure.
My left hearing aid stop working with easy tek. Also its rocket switch don’t communicate with the right hearing aid.
Also, that left hearing aid don’t connect to connexxlink hardware.

Any idea?
If I open the hearing aid can I fix it? I think no but anyway I have to ask here before pay to fix it because are out of warranty.

No don’t try that, there’s nothing on the circuit board you can fix.

You mean it can’t be detected in the connexx software?

It does sound like the wireless module isn’t working, sometimes a factory reset can fix, however you’ll need the HiPro and pill/cables to try that.

I take it the HA starts up and works still?

Could be better to just send it in for diagnosis, could be an easy fix.

Yes, the HA works perfectly but don’t connect to easytek, connexxlink and when I press the rocket switch does not communicate with the other HA.