My latest post didn't show up in the "All categories" -> "All tags" -> "latest" page


I just added a post in the DIY category under the thread “DIY - Self Programming the Oticon Opn - How To”

If I selected “Latest” in that category, I’d see the updated thread. But if I select “All categories” -> “All tags” -> “Latest”, I don’t see it showing up there. I thought it’s also supposed to show up there because it’s “All categories”, no?


That’s how @abram_bailey_aud wanted it.


I see. Thanks for the quick reply. Certainly a pain in the neck to do it this way. I assume that he singled or the DIY forum to impose this on for some reason. I don’t agree with it but I guess it’s his forum so he can do whatever he wants with it


I believe @PVC made the request that the DIY category be “hidden” so as not to attract the attention of manufacturers. The Online Retailers category is like that too.


It sort of evolved over time as well. I’ve noticed it through each step from the way I use the site. Now I “Watch” those two categories and the system tells me when new posts are added. That’s while logged in. If I don’t bother logging in then I have bookmarked those two categories or also pull down the category list up top to view those categories to see if anything is new.
It’s a pain but yeah it’s his site.


Thanks for the “Watch” tip. I have it set to “watch” now as well so I get notification when there’s an update.