My KS10 right hearing aid randomly stops working

It shows that it is charged. It also charges in the charger. Then just as randomly it will star working again. It will be several hours then it will randomly just start working again. I had Costco send them out once for repair. They came back and within a few weeks it started going out again. I also had then change the speaker figuring that may be the cause. This too worked for a few weeks, but then they started going out again. I have an appointment tomorrow with Costco to try again. Anyone else ever have this problem?

I have that problem or similar one with my Phonak Paradise P90R’s. Yesterday was the second occurrence.
I took them out of the charger, fully charged. Went to work. My right one wasn’t working. I printed off the manual and returned home.
I had to reboot my hearing aid.
Then I had to charge it----Right hearing aid was at 3%

edit: What I learned…read the manual…but it wasn’t easy to find what I wanted. I’m old enough that I have to print it off.
Second thing I learned…I had to recharge my hearing aid fully. Took a while.

Third thing I learned…pay attention to state of charge for both hearing aids. I don’t know how I lost charge. The only way I can see charge is to open the App on my cell phone. I bet that theCOSTCO hearing aids are the same. After all they are made by Phonak.

I’m experiencing similar behaviour on my KS9’s, and I’ve had a similar issue with older hearing aids. The older hearing aids would seemingly die out of nowhere and so I upgraded to the KS9’s. What happened with my older aids was that the measure of resistance in one side was significantly higher than the opposite side. This was caused from corrosion of either moisture or water getting into the aids and corroding the battery contact(s).

At this point, it’s really hard to say what the cause is because it could be so many different things. If you keep sending it back for repairs, they should just be sending you a new pair under warranty to get fitted.


This is why it’s good to use an electric drying box so less chance of happening.

I use a Dry and Store.

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I brought this same thing up to a tech at my local Costco and she said that a software update had been silently sent out (I guess through the app?) and that it was causing the issues. She said the solution was to use the hold down the bottom button on the right hearing aid for 10 seconds (i.e. like you are manually turning them off but go way beyond that). It does a hard reset and then when you start up again it works as intended. I did this and it was acting funky when I turned it back on but I put it into the charger to turn it off again and that seemed to do something to resolve the odd post-reset behavior. And ever since it’s been okay for me.

No idea if any of this is real, it’s what I was told and so I tried it a few days ago. It might still be broken and I just haven’t had it recur yet.

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