My journey continues

Yesterday I spent a further 2.5 hours in at the E & E Hospital in the CI clinic. I went through very comprehensive, intensive and exhausting testing. The long and the short yesterdays testing is I am a suitable candidate for a CI. They will only do one ear as my residual hearing is still very good, as they won’t give any guarantees with regard to retaining my residual hearing. Especially since the Hybrid array the L24 has been taken out of the Aus program by Cochlear. The reason for that was to many clients hearing had further deteriorated (due to the aging process) since the Hybrid was inserted and had to be removed and replaced.

My CI Aud is still unsure what ear to suggest I have it inserted into, because of the length of time my L ear hasn’t heard high frequencies for. She’s going to take my case to the CI Aud meeting on Monday and brainstorm with her colleagues. I said to her if there’s no real difference in the ears with regards to the results, my thoughts would be to do the er that’s going to give me the best result. As the residual hearing is the same in both ears.

So now I move on to the next stage, to see what the Dr has to say about this.

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