My hearing tests have 2 recurrent issues – what could it mean?

I had a lot of hearing tests. I expect some variation, given that I’m not a robot and both tech and professional approach used can differ and so on. Even considering these factors, there have been mainly 2 issues with all of my recent hearing tests.

  1. Premise. I usually experience tinnitus in my Right ear. Every time an hearing test is performed, the right ear’s 250Hz measurment get all over the place (way worse than expected). Instead the 500Hz measurment is fairly coherent. I’ve been told it’s due to tinnitus, but I don’t undestand. Why would the tinnitus affect me at 250Hz and not at 500Hz? In my ignorance I believed that high pitched sounds, not “low” sounds, would trigger tinnitus.
  2. both in real life and in a soundproof cabin, I’ve noticed that somehow I can’t tell if the sound is coming from Right or Left. Even when the sound is coming from the right I still fel as it’s coming from my left. This have an effect on the measuments because it requires the use of masked sounds a lot. Why might that occur?

Are you being tested with inserts? Very common to have a low frequency leak with inserts if they are not fully sealing the ear. Possibly you just have a slightly wonkier shape in your right ear that makes it difficult to fit the insert and leads to higher test-to-test variability at that frequency.

Hearing loss impacts sound localization for sure. But the hearing loss you have posted is quite symmetrical; I don’t imagine they are applying much masking during thresholding through air conduction. For bone conduction, they would always mask the non-test ear. If they are only doing bone conduction on one side, which is a common time-saving practice with symmetrical losses where no conductive component is expected, you’d maybe get masking on one side and not the other. In cases where there is no clinical reason to pick one side over the other, they may just always pick the right side to mask for more arbitrary reasons (one less button press on the audiometer, placing the bone virbrator on the side closes to the booth door, a preference for drawing left bone symbols).

You struggling with sound localization with your hearing aids in, or out, or both?