My hearing fluctuates!

When you have Meniere’s disease does your hearing fluctuate? For some time I was thinking it was my h/a’s not performing as they should and being inconsistent but now I think it is my hearing. Some part of the day my hearing is pretty clear and then a hollow sound comes in making for less clarity. I read somewhere that Menieres disease can bring about an inconsistency in a persons hearing.

I dont know if this will help you at all or if its even remotely what you have…do you by any chance feel any fluid moving around in your ears.
My hearing fluctuates wildy but its fluid and ive been putting up with it for along time and ENTs tell me theres nothing they can do I have bad eustacean tubes…

I do not have a sensation of fluid in my ears and I am surprised that they cannot help your problem.

Thanks for your reply.

Probably not relevant and I don’t want to scare you - but I had fluctuating hearing in my right ear and it turned out to be quite a serious Cholesteatoma, gradually dissolving my ossicles.

Go see an ENT, just in case.

Has anyone noticed a fluctuation in hearing aid performance? I’m sure my hearing fluctuates, but sometimes I think it is the hearing aide itself.

The only comparison I have is with my residual hearing, I have a hard time with hearing people speak so it’s not a good comparison. Sounds outside of speech seam the same to me when the speech is distorted through the HA. Sometimes the ringing is louder… frustrating

I have a similar problem. I seem to cycle between ‘good days’ (when I can carry on a conversation without aids at the dinner table) and ‘bad days’ (when I cannot even do so in a quiet room). For the last 5 years (since I first started wearing HAs) the time from bad periods to good has been between 2 weeks and 2 months, and the duration of a ‘good period’ has been declining . I have moderate loss in both ears, slightly worse in the right one. THese things make my hearing worse:

  1. Blood pressure elevation
  2. Alcoholic drinks
  3. Salicilates, eg asprin, mouthwash
  4. Certain supplements eg Potassium, Selenium
  5. Keeping the HAs on for a whole day
  6. ED medications eg Cialis

On the other hand, these things seem to make it better:

  1. Pseudoephedrine, when my nasal cavity feels blocked
  2. Running, which helps clear the nasal passages (and also to reduce blood pressure)
  3. Certain supplements eg Magnesium , GABA, Pine Bark.

It is a trial-and-error thing for me, but I hope this helps.

Yes. One of the characteristics/symptoms of Meniere’s is a fluctuating, low frequency SNHL, usually during episodes with tinnitus and dizziness - but I’ve found not always. A dip in the low frequencies will result in a significant decrease in perceptual volume and make a hearing aid seem like it’s not working or not working correctly.

Im told there is no solution, Ive had tubes put in a few times, it helps but the fluid comes back.
The surgeon that removed my Cholesteotoma explained theres a new procedure for people with bad Eustacean Tubes, he hasnt gotten into it because it doesnt have stellar results, he said he doesnt recommend it at this point.
My hearing fluctuates wildly and all the time. It goes from my at least being able to hear my wife if she talks loudly without my aids to hearing absolutely nothing. My hearing can fluctuate daily. Its maddening but you live with it :slight_smile: