My hearing aids survived a swim!

Hi all,
Last weekend I unintentionally took my Signia Pure primax 5px RIC hearing aid’s for a 15 minute swim in a salt water pool. They are IP67 water & dust “resistant” and I thought I’d wrecked them, but I’m very happy to report that they seem to be none the worse for it! Top marks Siemens/Signia!

I would still put them in a bag of rice to draw out any moisture that is still left in the HAs.

There’s a good chance of salt crystallising in the gore tex filters. If you haven’t already done it, briefly wash them in freshwater, then dry out as above. If you’re still within warranty, get them sent in/away for a pre-emptive service. Tell your audiologist that you think the response has dropped a fraction.

You might think that everything is ok now, but saline can be pretty corrosive (especially on the copper within the components) and may lead to problems down the road.


I asked my audiologist about the IP water resistance rating for my Linx3D hearing aids. The IP67 rating specifies that the hearing aids are capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. This would imply you could go swimming in shallow water.

He highly recommended against swimming with the hearing aids. The IP67 rating is more to protect against accidental immersion like forgetting to take them off in the shower or getting stuck out in the rain, etc. He mentioned he wore his hearing aids (Linx 3D) in the shower and they were fine but its definitely not recommended and the hearing aids should be checked after exposure to water.

The issue with waterproof hearing aids is the batteries need to breathe. This isn’t the case with rechargeable batteries so we might see something from the manufacturers soon.


When people say this, I always want to say back to them - why do you think you have to immerse rice in boiling water to make it absorb water.