My hearing aid journey

I’ve been to 5 audiologists and owned two pairs of high-end hearing aids (Starky and Phonak). This has been over a 3 to 4 year period. Bottom line all of this time and money has been a giant waste. The number I’ve been told is 20%. That being 20% of all hearing aids sold simply do not help or benefit the user. I’m done with the entire deal. I’ve learned to accept it. I now wear a little $5 badge that reads “hearing impaired”. That tells others that when I don’t respond to what is said I am not being arrogant, ignorant, or stupid. My personal happiness is much better now that I have accepted my fate. With that, this story has an acceptable ending.

Such a shame. I have been wearing aids for over 18 years. It hasn’t always been a good run, but as I learned to accept my hearing loss, and learned to understand the language of hearing loss, hearing aids and how to explain myself to my audiologists my word recognition has improved. I had to learn to fight for my hearing needs.


@nevadawx1 Peter Gabriel - Don’t Give Up

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That’s a real shame that you are just happy the way you are. I don’t have a copy of your audiogram to look at so I’m flying blind…

If hearing aids don’t help you have you thought about moving on to getting a Cochlear implant assessment? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about getting a CI….
Good luck to you which ever way you decide.

Just realize that continued hearing loss and brain function will be the outcome. Our brains NEED to hear to stay working well. Remove hearing and you are looking at reduced brain activity and further (permanent?) hearing loss. Just the fact that no aids work for you possibly shows that your brain has already degraded and isn’t responding to sounds any longer. My loss is profound but I still have good word recognition scores and they say this is because I have been wearing aids since my loss started and my brain has not become accustomed to not hearing. Just something to consider. I worked with dementia patients and it was amazing how many had untreated long term hearing loss prior to a dementia dx


In my case it’s aids or deaf. Aids are meant to help and not fix. They’re not perfect but they’re certainly better than nothing


Your right ear is actually mild to severe hearing loss. Do you find that your right ear picks up more speech then your left? I’m also the same, my right ear picks up way more speech then my left.


Do I have my audiogram backwards? My right ear is my bad ear. I do hear much better and speech comprehension is way better with my left ear. Until I recently got a custom mold for my bad ear, I really had no comprehension, just sounds. Now for the first time in years I feel like my bad ear is actually hearing mire than noise and starting to understand some words again.


haha, sorry no that’s me! I don’t know which is left and right Altho I normally do! Must need glasses!


I always say to myself, “Right is Red.”



So in other words, 80% of all hearing aids sold DO help or benefit the user.

I’m just curious. 20% according to who? And what does that mean. Don’t help at all or don’t help in certain areas. Hearing aids certainly don’t fix but it’s hard to believe that that large a number doesn’t help at all and people are still buying them.

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I think it depends, I have seen people demand the wrong aids for their needs because they don’t want to have visible hearing aids.


And I’d be very curious how they rate that. There are many people who don’t wear their aids - is that part of the 20%. And what do they mean by help? Do my aids give me the word recognition I used to have? No. Do they help? Immensely… Just sayin…


That would be absolutely correct and that number by itself is a good number. That statistic I stated was from an Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist and is now about 2 + decades old so, to be fair, let’s say it’s now 5%. I’m still in that group and I’m fine with it. My entire point of posting this was to let anyone else in my small group know you are not alone. There is no crime in wearing a five $ pin if it helps others understand why you are not responding to a vocal attempt to communicate. As for keeping my mind sharp, reading subtitles helps, and again I’m fine with that. Knowing where I am in my hearing challenge and accepting it is way better than following a mirage and throwing money and precious time at it.

@nevadawx1 I partly feel your pain. I have been wearing HA’s for Approx 25 yeas, now on my 5th pair and have had to part with more the $41K AUD. Although, thanks to NDIS that have covered the current pair. But when your hearing is as bad as mine, you don’t have a choice, without them, there is no conversation.

So don’t give up yet, like buying a car, you can’t expect to drive the thing straight out of the car-yard, you need to make adjustment to it to suit you.

Hello nevadawx1,

Sad to hear that but not exceptional. As an audiologist I met a lot of people in your case.
It’s because audiologist for most of them adjust the hearing aids with a flaw theory of the cochlea.
The hearing aids should work as good and as fast as prescriptions glasses.

I developed a new way to fit hearing aids from a different theory of the cochlea and with my patients it worked pretty good. New users and unsatisfied users like you.

If you are still in contact with your audiologist and want to give a try, he can contact me at and/or read my website

The hearing aids are pretty good and impressive products but not adjusted very good :confused:

Too many stories like you that’s what motivated me to share what I learnt and developed.