My First Week With KS6

DD need not reply

First time user, have Costco KS6 w Phone Clip, and over all pleased but not thrilled. . I have not been back in for first adjustment. My biggest issue is a Metallic sound and some delay. The sound of crumpling paper, plastic and like things is deafening loud. Even running water like a flush of the toilet is shocking. With the high frequencies is very distorted. Best way I can describe it is if you were to take a sheet of aluminum foil, stretch it tight, and then drop a lot BB’s on it.

The phone Clip does work and does what it says it will do, but sound quality is poor at best. Again to sharp or metallic. Any music produces the same with now low or mid range frequencies. Being an Electrical Engineer I have a clue what is going on, high frequency level is too high. With Open fit domes I know low frequencies are poor. My hearing is good from 50 to 1500 Hz. So I am not sure exactly what can be done to enhance low and mid frequencies other than turn down high frequencies and run louder volume.

As for speaking the HA’s do a good job. I can hear birds again in the distance. Just anything that pops, clicks, or impulse sound all sound the same like BB’s hitting and bouncing on tin foil.


as you hear well in the low frequencies, it is normal to some extent that you feel the high frequencies “sharp”, because those are the ones that you are not used to. After you are used to the aid, you will find the high frequencies muffled when you take it out and the sound with the aid “natural”.

Impulse: There probably is an impulse reduction, ask for it in the next session.
Distortion: That sounds bad. Ask for an in-situ-measurement, maybe you have some resonance in your canal and are over-amplified for some frequency. But, alas, it might be that there really is distortion in the aid - then you might want to try a different one (like the bernafon juna, which is also sold at costco). Or, also bad: It´s your ears that distort. Sometimes, the damage in your cochlea will result in distorted hearing.

To get good sound for streaming with open domes is not possible. You can use a headphone that goes over your ears and aids (I use a Sennheise HD 580 Precision). If you don´t get feedback, you can get very good sound this way, as you will hear the lows directly, the highs are amplified. Or you can use headphones and activate the telecoil. The aid picks up the magnetic induction of the speaker in the headphone, thus ampliefies the highs, the lows come in directly.

So, all in all, to some degree what you experience is normal. Have a bit of patience, but keep in mind that there still are other options to try!

Ask for real ear verification and speech mapping. Your audiogram may say your low frequency hearing is good, but it might need to be boosted a little bit to balance out the additional highs. Or you might need to go to a lower experience level to mellow out the high frequencies a little bit to start with.

I knew that going in. I can deal with it on the phone. In fact I do not need the HA for the cell phone. Use it regularly with the EQ turned on to emphasize the high frequencies.

You and I speak the same language as we are both musicians. I am also an Electrical Engineer and understand the dynamics of sound. The distortion is real. I know this because I can use In-ear Monitors or Ear Buds with a EQ and get excellent sound quality.

I can control the distortion to some extent. Right now my HA only has two modes of Quite and Noise. The Noise setting is compressed audio, and Quite is dynamic. On Quite mode I can turn down the volume enough the ringing metallic sound goes away except on really sharp loud impulse noises. At one with the surround sound on, music is full and rich. On Noise mode I can run a little higher volumes. This is telling me the high frequency gain is way too high. I can simulate the same problem with In-Ear monitors with EQ really boosting the 5 Khz and higher up to the point it over drives the emitter.

FWIW I have tried Ear Muffs made for shooting. The right ear squeals a bit from feed back as the high frequency runs +15 dB higher than left.

In the end if I really want to stream I might have to use Ear Molds to get the lows. Just hate that plugged feeling of occlusion. Live sound is OK if I turn down the volume quite a bit.

You could first ask for tulip domes which is the next step up. Ask for REM test when changing. It should also help eliminate the feedback.