My First Day

Have known I am HOH for a long time but could not afford aids. Went to an audi last week to get my first pair. The audi sold me “Audigy AGX5 Open BTE Digital” aids for $4,000. When they arrived I discovered they are ReSound Air 60’s. Am I getting ripped off? Is this a scam?

Many hearing aids are sold under different names, particularly as manufacturers consolidate and buy each other out.

Thus, proper research is always recommended prior to purchasing hearing aids.

Even for professionals, though, it is very difficult to keep up with every signle hearing aid out there and to know for sure what each product is and where it really comes from.

I am not familiar with Resound products, thus many one of our dispensers/audis on the forum can help us out here.

in fact, their are companies in China that if you write they will sell you
the aids with your own brand. An as you can expect they are quite cheap,
$100 or less- this is no secret - perhaps this is why companies like siemens,
phonak, GN and others have move production in China- Expect agressive pricing in the future

Regarding the Air, is a good product I had fitted a few clients but i would prefer the Pulse