My First Day With Phonak Audeo S Smart IX's

Got my new Phonak Audeo S Smart IX’s this morning at 10:30 am. They are my very first HA’s and I really didn’t know what to expect but I had great expectations…

My audiologist spent about an hour and a half programming them, teaching me how to wear them, care for them, and change the batteries. He also spent a good deal of that time talking to me about what to expect from them as time went on. I think he really wanted to help me manage my expectations and to make sure I understood that they were not a cure for my hearing loss but they could be a wonderful alternative.

Well it is now 10:25 pm. and I promise you when I say this I mean it. I don’t want to go to bed because I’ll have to take them out of my ears…
In the last 12 hours I have heard things I haven’t heard in years! Birds singing, clocks ticking, and all sorts of sounds while driving my car home from the audi’s office, including the turn signal when I used it. I literally haven’t heard these things in years.
My wife and I went to dinner and I ordered my own dinner (something I haven’t done in years because I usually couldn’t hear the waiter or waitress amongst all the background noise in restaurants). I watched TV tonight and was able to listen at 1/3 the volume that I needed without the HA’s. Same thing with the radio in my car. The thing that gives me the most joy however is the fact that I have not ask one person to repeat themselves since I started wearing them. That is truly amazing! I’d say I’m hearing and understanding between 95% and 100% of everything I’m hearing. I’m loving it.
I’m an Electrical Engineer and Licensed Amateur Radio operator. I have a basic knowledge of how Digital Signal Processing works. By no means however do I understand much about what’s happening inside these HA’s nor do I really have a grasp for everything they are capable of doing. But I can tell you this… whatever it is that’s going on inside them is GOOD… and it has given me a part of my life back that I never knew how much I missed!
I wish I’d done this 10 years ago. Thanks to an Audiologist who took the time to “Get It Right” and PHONAK for putting allot of life inside a small instrument!

I hope you’ve gotten some sleep since writing this :smiley: Welcome to the Phonak Fan Club

I did finally go to bed Neil but reluctantly.

It’s 4:30 am. here now and I’m on my way to the airport. I have a flight to Kansas City this morning and will return this afternoon. I got the Smarts back in and they are still working… so I feel better. Flying with them will be a pretty cool experience I think.

I am a musician on the weekends and have a gig tomorrow night. Audi said I’d have to take the off for that.


Glad to hear it! I’m new to HAs too, and have Abbra MicroPs, and am quite pleased with them, They need some tweaking, but good overall. I also relate to the sounds that you haven’t heard in years!

What battery life can one expect with the Audeo Smart IX?

I play tenor saxophone and I wondered how they would act in the band (town band of between 25 and 35 people).

They worked perfectly in the band, and, for the first time I could actually hear the conductor’s every word! Before everyone would be asking “what did she say, which piece are we working on next?” Now, I am the “spokesperson” for the group - telling everyone what the conductor just said (she is a petite elderly woman and most in this band are over 70). I am the youngest person in the band at 54.

Mine are on for between 14 and 18 hours a day. A guess would place the average at about 17 hours per day. I normally get 8 days out of a battery.

One factor that I am guessing affects my drain is that I am often in a computer room and dealing with fan noise, so the HA is doing a lot of work to filter and amplify which may actually be draining the battery faster.

When I first started wearing my Smart IX aids I always got 7-8 days out of batteries, now a year later I’m lucky to get 5-6 days. I have no idea why the change. I use them for 16-18 hours a day but have since new.

When I first started wearing my aids I heard all the new stuff too, but it seems that after they did their “learning” I no longer hear nearly as much as I did the first few days. Some days I wish there was a way to turn off some of the features and put them back like they were the first day. I’m really getting frustrated with them.

Have you had the microphone filters replaced yet? This needs doing every 4 - 6 months and if not done can severely affect clarity. The aud can do it on the spot. We don’t even charge for the service at our clinic.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check on it the next time i see my aud.

These kind of threads are fantastic. Congratulations on better hearing.

Keep us posted on your results.

Good luck

Well 11 days have past and glad to report … I’m still loving them :). I go in for my first adjustment on Thursday of this week and am glad to report that there is very little to adjust.

Maybe a bit of adjustment in the mid-ranges. But nothing major. There have been so many positive changes in my hearing I couldn’t begin to list them all.

I did call the audiologist last week and told him I wanted to buy the iCOM Bluetooth Interface when I came in this week. He called today to tell me it was in. That is pretty exciting.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Best to all. :slight_smile:

I just went for my adjustment yesterday. I cranked it up to 100%. I was at 90% before. At first I had to turn down the volume, however I’ve gotten use to it and everything sounds better. I took out some of the programming as the automatic seems to do the trick. Here is what I have 1) Soundflow (Auto) 2) DuoPhone (don’t really use this much as my over the ear Plantronics at work gives much better sound quality). 3) Stereo Zoom (nice in restaurants) 4) Music program 5) MUTE.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>
I had them cut down the mics a bit more when I’m streaming music from my phone.<o:p></o:p>
I wish I knew more about music in order to tell them how to tweak the sound to get a better quality on my music. Other than that, I’m loving these bad boys! <o:p></o:p>

I received my instruments about a month ago and am only getting 2 days of battery life. I have a Phonak CROS aid in one ear. Does this cause the reduced battery life? My audiologist promised 5-7 days. I am using an Energizer battery.

I had Audeo Ss demod on Friday. The audio did not tell me what iteration I was wearing (3,5,9)but we had a long conversation and she did a couple tests with the aids in. I was amazed at how crisp her speech was but it was not loud. She also told me that she did not give me full correction for my loss. The test that blew my doors off involved her being behind me and having me replicate sounds she made, “sh” “th” “f”, anyway about five sounds. With the aids in I could do it seamlessly, she then removed them and repeated. I got the “sh” one other sound was indistinguishable, and three I did not hear at all. I am still not entirely convinced she even made the sounds:D. Lastly, they were completely comfortable. Inside 5 minutes wearing them, I could hardly detect their presence.

2-3 days is normal with the Phonak Bicros set up.