My first CI visit at E & E

I’ve spent 2.5 hours at the CI centre here in Melbourne having a simple audiogram and information overload… my hearing comprehension will never improve it will only determinate. To the extent that I feel my brain is now fried, well more than usual…
So far testing shows I’m a suitable candidate for a CI. *The array they prefer to use is the slim/straight CI 522. The L 24 is no longer available for use in Aus at all. So technically I will be a full CI not a Hybrid CI. I may or may not retain some residual hearing, absolutely no garuantees at all on my residual hearing. If I do retain any over time I could well lose that anyway. If I retain enough residual hearing they will attach a Hybrid HA to the CI. How I’m not sure.
I can choose from either of a Nucleaus 7 or a Kanzo CI to have fitted. Only the Nucleaus 7 is Wifi enabled apparently using a iPhone app. Not the Kanzo.
I get to choose what ear I have it inserted into. But I need to think about it as my Cochlear research Aud said my left ear has been profoundly deaf for 52 years, and trying to stimulate the hairs in the Cochlear may be difficult and I may not get a good result. Where as my right ear has only been in the profoundly deaf range for 16 months, this ears should be easier to stimulate the hairs. But this ear has Tinitus which may or may not cause a problem…
*They will set up the 22 channels on the Nucleaus 7 to “overlap” so that they cover all high and low frequencies.
I now go back to finish the assessment ent and see the Dr. WOW so many decisions to make Do I or Don’t I?
Nucleus 7 or Kanzo?


Each CI company has mentors to help potential or new CI recipients with this life-changing experience.

You would be wise to find a mentor:

There are also Facebook groups for each CI brand. Abram posted a link to a CI comparison chart that compare the latest offerings from the 3 CI companies (Cochlear, AB, Med-El):

If I was in your situation, I would choose the N7 as I’m a iPhone fan and I also think the N7 looks really nice.

@Abarsanti thank you for the link to the mentor program that will be very useful. I was looking at the comparison chart a day or two ago. I found that very informative. Unfortunately there’s no mention of the N7 though, which is what is currently used.

@Zebras I’m leaning towards the N7 and the rechargeable batteries along with all its other features. As I’m also an iPhone user, couldn’t live without it and my current streamer to communicate.

The N7 might be too new to be listed. AB has a t-mic which allows you to hold phone to your ear normally. Just another option / food for thought.

Abarsanti could you explain what an AB is please? I’m very new to this CI experience.

I’m just guessing that AB is Advanced Bionics, first one on the chart.

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Advanced Bionics. One of the big-3 CI manufacturers.

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Yes. As one poster said. There are some very large CI support groups in FB if you’d like to get input from a whole bunch of CI users?