My Experience with ReSound Verso 961 TS

What is the program 2. Soft switching you describe. I currently have 1. the basic (not sure what you call that
2. Tinnitus 3. Music. Trying to decide which is needed more restaurant or car as both are bothersome

The programs are options in the programming software. They are preset adjustments to the basic program. I believe they could also be made by making individual adjustment but clicking the one setting makes several changes. The Automobile program is very effective for use while in the car but I don’t find it useful for any other situation.

The restaurant program is good for speech n noise. So the answer to your question is that I don’t necessairly know all the changes that are a part of the programs I’m choosing as they are preset adjusments. doc audio, umbongo, and others can tell you but I’m a novice.

Sho, in my thread “Best HA’s for speech in noise” Don posted:
"I found with my Resounds that the software starts off with not a lot of noise reduction. I had to ask for more of that, over and over. The pro has the option of increasing speech and soft speech, and lowering noise and loud noise. For example, they can raise speech 5 Db and lower noise 5 Db and that really helps a lot. I’m not sure now what the actual limits are to that.

At first the pro would basically make a 1 Db change and send me on my way. Eventually we arrived at a “party” program where noise was max down and speech was max up and that actually works very well.

I’ve had about 10 adjustments although some were just for some preferences."

There’s some more discussion about the issue in that thread. It might be helpful to you. Good luck.

What is the difference between speech and soft speech when you said the pro has an option to increase these? Thanks!

There are separate slider adjustments where you can change the level of speech, soft speech, noise, loud noise, about 7 in all. On mine, in the “party” program we moved soft speech up all the way and the noise sliders all the way down. Made a big difference.

hi there,i know this may be a bit late in the post,but is there a special name/place in the Aventa software to reduce the background noise,i’m giving the verso 962 a trial after 10 years of phonak use,im liking them, bar the very loud background noise that i can’t seem to adjust anywhere in the software,its really easy in the phonak target software but not so (for me anyway) in Aventa software,i’ve tried the noise tracker and all, but not much seems to happen there.