My experience with Phonak PartnerMic

I want to post a follow up. My wife insisted we go to WalMart today, so I decided to try the Partner Mic again. It seems to not remember that it has been paired to my aids the way the TV Connector does. I have to re pair every time. Also, It dropped out while I was holding it less than 3 feet from the aids. The drop out didn’t last long, though. So, this time, I hold it in my hand. I do a sound check with the wife. Seems to be working.
We enter WalMart, get our cart, and proceed across the store. They have closed the entrance we normally use and my wife refuses to shop in reverse order. As we walk, the sound is pulsing on and off. There is also some kind of scrubbing sound that is coming and going. I make sure my grip is steady, and not causing the pulsing, or scrubbing sounds. As far as I can tell, it isn’t. We get to the drugs and cosmetics department, I am looking for some supplements I take. This is very strange. I hear, periodically, a few words of a conversation between two people I don’t see. In between these bits of conversation, I hear the background music being played in the store. Sometimes, it is clear, sometimes barely there. This went on for maybe 10 minutes until I had to use both hands to select cans of dog food. I clipped it to my shirt pocket again, where it stayed for maybe 5 more minutes until I turned it off and out it in my pants pocket. The sounds of WalMArt didn’t seem as troublesome as in the past because of some recent adjustments to my aids. I still hear better without them than with them. I will probably try the Partner Mic again a time or two in the local grocery store, but I am pretty sure it is going back to the VA. I have a used Roger Pen on order and want to try it next.

Neither one will work for you unless you learn to use them correctly.

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