My experience of hearing aids

I have started using widex cic hearing aids in 2017. Since october 2018 i started feeling comfortable with them. Now i feel about 95% conformtable with my hearing aids even in gathering. I am doing job in a software house. Just one issue i am getting is that my cic hearing aids is just one directional means one have to speak face to face. But my audiologist was saying there are also multi dimensional hearing aids too that i can hear properly from if someone is talking at the back of me.

Your hearing aid is probably omnidirectional. Depending on your hearing lose( you can put your audiogram here), the “multidimensionaal Hearing aids” may help or may not help. You can try but some users say that in some cases the benefit is not so great. If you are 95% confortable even in gathering I would’t change the hearing aid but is only my opinion. You can try and decide.

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I have mild to moderate hearing loss

I wear ITE Oticon OPN1 aids and they are 360 degree aids most of the time but will zero in on the person talking to me when needed. I really love and need to hear all around me. But at times mostly due to my hearing loss I have issues understanding what is being said. 15 years ago when I first started wearing hearing aids the first thing I noticed was not being able to hear behind me and to a point not hearing beside me. I live in the forest and do a lot of hiking and I need to hear all around me.

The effectiveness of a directional hearing aid has a lot to do with the distance between the two microphone ports. Most CIC instruments do not have enough real estate on the faceplace to properly distance the mics and are therefore omnidirectional. If you have a big enough ear canal, sometimes there is room for directional mics. Or going to a larger style instrument, whether custom, RIC or BTE, will give enough room for proper directional mic placement.

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Hi George, I am so thrilled and excited because I got an appointment Tuesday at Costco so quickly. They just opened. This will be my third set of H A’s. I have the same issues as most hearing losses seem to be. Hearing conversations,television, or telephone.

I am also considering rechargeables for the first time. Reason is that most folks seem to get only 4-5 days before changing batteries. I am in Sonics (13 batt) and I get 11 to 14 days. Put them on first thing in the morning take off last thing at night. I do not mind changing batteries but it seems like the Aids today are so much tinier. Also I will be somewhat restricted at Costco. Apparently Kirkland does not have a rechargeable there.

I am going to sincerely trust my fitter at Costco. He has had 25 years experience so he should be very good.

Oh and BTW I had an experience last night that for me was mind boggling. Maybe you can explain what happened. I changed the dome in my right ear which was smaller than the left. I put in a larger dome same closed double as L ear. I started singing walking to bed and I could not believe that was me, my voice was beautiful, I did not want to take them out. I have such a terrible horrible voice, I could not believe what I was hearing. I could not replicate it this morning.

Maybe I should of stayed up another hour just to listen to myself. I know it was unreal for the fact that even before I had hearing problems I did not like to sing because my voice was so awful.

Any advice or help you can bestow to me I would really appreciate it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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