My Experience DIY So far

Well, I bought myself a nice used windows laptop so I could use my new NoahLink Wireless to change my new More 1s to what I want. So far, I’ve started slowly. I changed the user information to “more 1” so when I go to connect a phone call the name comes up in my phone to More1 and not my personal name. The second thing I did was to swap out program 4 from “comfort” to “lecture” mode. I have much use for lecture than I do comfort. I use lecture in church and can hear the message very well.

I checked the programming my eBay programmer did and it was EXCELLENT! So, I didn’t mess with it. The targets matched perfectly, just as I asked him to do. I’m very happy with this so far. I’m happy having some control over my HAs as well as having a nice windows laptop again. Lenovo Ultra Thinkpad. Yes, windows 11. A.k.a. iOS clone!


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Glad it’s worked for you.

You can make more changes if needed even tho your targets are matched.

Some people need to lower the lows slightly due to too much background noise etc.

I’m learning. Ty for your advice!