My employer rejected Widex 220 need better bass and no box, help!

I am a Purser employed by a large airline in the US.
My employer has rejected the use of the M-dex around-the-neck due to adverse passenger perception (it looks like a music player to them) and also for security reasons (if someone grabs the lanyard from behind they can harm me physically.) When I try to locate the M-dex elsewhere on my person, I get frequent 'cut-out’s of sound. All around unacceptable for my needs.

I was disappointed with the quality of sound of music through bluetooth, there is no bass whatsoever. I am using the vented earpiece.

Without regard to cost, please suggest a bluetooth system with no transmitter box, a more robust BT signal and a better music profile that comes close to audio earphone quality of a larger, better range especially lower musical tones.

Thank you,
Lars in New York City

‘You cannae change the laws of physics’

If you want it vented, you will lose the bass and stop occlusion; if you want it occluded you will gain the bass and lose natural sounds.

Can’t you put the M-Dex under your shirt?

I have the Resound Phone Clip and I wear it under my shirt, on a lanyard. It works fine that way.

If you want BT with hearing aids, there must be a device. The device is what does the BT processing from/to the phone or music player.

I think Starkey is coming out with a device that uses the hearing aid microphone as the phone call microphone, but it may only work in quiet environments. Otherwise, you have to use the device, which has a microphone.