My CostCo visit today; KS9 pair on order

I would be surprised if they didn’t have P receivers in stock. At least at the Costco I go to, they seem to have a big box of receivers for the KS8’s. The UP’S would be a special order though.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are going to Costco to get new hearing aids, not new friends. That said you are likely to get better service if one is polite, but firm with them.

The fitter I have at my Costco is the Manager, so it would be awkward if I could not get along with her. Fortunately she is very accommodating. I have not had any issues like you are having.

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At my Costco in Oakbrook, IL, they have all the receivers in stock. When my fitter didn’t have time for me, they gave me a different fitter after asking me if I was OK with that. Both were fine. And I’ve been upfront with them from the start about finding out as much as I can about the aids AND the fact that I have the software and a NoahLink Wireless and am programming them myself.

The first post in in the link below has great info on everything. PDFs about the KS9s from Costco and Phonak.

I’d reference that with your Costco. As you’ll see, you can have three manual programs, and there are four different receivers.

My two cents.

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Hey peeps, the craziness continues.

I just phoned in; the person I think is the manager is the one who answered the phone. That right there is unusual, every other time I have called I go to voice mail. I simply said “I had given some consideration over the weekend, and I think I would prefer to change fitters, so could I make my appt with another fitter, maybe you?” Done but here is where I started hearing the theme from the Twilight Zone.

First, I had NO follow up appointment in their system. I have the appt card right in front of me. “Oh, I guess she never got around to entering it in the system.”

Second, my hearing aids are in, there was a cancellation and I am going in TODAY to get the aids, start the trial. NO TWO WEEK WAIT.

I will double check on the colors. (minor)

I will ask to see the fitting charts for each ear, and have a conversation about the receiver types. (major)

I will chat about manual programs, 3 options, what do I listen for, take notes on etc. so we have an idea what to program them for on my next visit. (major)

SO glad I am seeing a different person. And thanks to all who provided info to keep me going on this.


Don’t keep us in suspense. How did/is it going with the new aids and fitter?

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Ha haa, I had started a new thread, but I will update here.

:musical_note::notes: Happy days are here again, :musical_note::notes: I can hear you now, loud and clear, my friend, :musical_note::notes: I hear song bird chirping sounds, and the rain again.:musical_note::notes: Happy days are here again! :musical_note::notes:

This fitter is MUCH better, she knows more, she does more testing, she listens. We had a pleasant hour and a half meeting, joking, chatting and it was very informative. We pulled up my fitting chart, and she agreed a P receiver for my left ear would be a good choice, she changed that right then and there. I have a small vented dome on each hearing aid.

We went over several other charts, several things had to be changed because “Oh Marie never does this with anyone, but I always do this.” (Not her real name) We used the ‘auricle’ machine to get the sound set on these hearing aids. Auricle is that round disk you sit in front of it, don’t talk don’t move. First tubes are set in your ears and sounds test, then the hearing aids are added (tubes remain in) and sounds are adjusted. This is for checking sound in and sound out.

So I got the hearing aids Monday about 5 PM it is now Friday just after 7 PM. The one thing on my list so far for the fitter to adjust at my next appointment: the middle volume. This is where the hearing aids turn on, and you want to have it set for where you normally keep the volume. Just now the right ear is VERY LOUD, so I need that softened about 4 pings. Meanwhile the left ear is too soft and needs to be adjusted up at least 1 and perhaps 2 pings. I can use the volume buttons to make things louder or softer. These KS9s ‘talk’ to each other so if I use the volume button on one, that changes the volume for both. I don’t have any way to change them independently. Nor do I have any way to change the middle volume.

This shows the hearing aids in, and overlaid on my fitting chart. She said the higher frequencies are compressed by the hearing aids so that I can hear those tones.

This is the chart after we used the auricle. You have to adjust 3 levels of sound on each hearing aid, so 6 adjustments in all. This shows where the hearing is - solid line - and where the hearing aid is - dotted line.

This shows the automatic programs for the KS9. There are also 3 manual programs, we will talk about setting those at my next appointment on Nov 22.

I took this photo of a poster on their wall, as I wanted to know more about the dryer; I DID purchase it. But I had not been able to find any info on it online, or on here, before I went in.

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The Auricle is doing Real Ear Measurement also knows as REM. Most of us feel it is mandatory for a good hearing aid fit.

Here is a link to the manufacturer of PerfuctDry Lux.

I have had one for over a year and use it daily. My hearing aids and the dryer are from Costco.


Congratulations, always good to hear about a successful hearing aid fitting.
Thanks for sharing your experience.


Thanks for posting that info about the dryer. I had not been able to find it on my own, so this is helpful.

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If you download the Easy Remote software, and pair your aids via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to use your phone to adjust your left and right volumes independently.

Thank you @uburoibob, but I do not own a smart phone. So there is no way for me to access that software.

Should a friend or relative want to gift you one they are retiring, you don’t need phone/Cell service to use the software.

And should you get the TV adapter - and particularly if KS9s ever get the Marvel 2.0 upgrade - there’s a good amount of functionality you won’t be able to access otherwise. Just something to consider.

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NOW I am intrigued.

I live alone, so I can set the TV as loud as I please, that isn’t an issue.

How do I get the software, if I do not have cell service?

If you have wireless WiFi in your home you just connect your phone to your WiFi and download the software either from the Google store if the phone is Android or from the Apple store if you have an iPhone. No cell service needed.

This is the way I started. When I retired I turned in my “CrackBerry” phone and swore I would never get sucked into that stuff again. However when I got hearing aids I immediately saw the need for a remote control device and didn’t want to buy one of those expensive key fob devices. So, I just used a dead (no cell SIM card) phone my wife had thrown in the drawer. You can still connect to WiFi without a SIM card and download apps. Even if you don’t have WiFi go to a library or a McDonalds and download the software there. If you need help downloading, just post again and I or someone else will help.

Of course this starts something. I went from a no SIM Android to a iPhone, and from there I got talked into a $10 a month basic cell phone plan, and from there now a $15 a month plan. However, I have drawn the red line there and refuse to buy more minutes and data, and will not put my e-mail on my phone. That was the mess I was in with the “CrackBerry”…

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Fantastic! Thank you for the detail, @Sierra! This is great news.

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Sierra has it covered!