My Costco experience

I went in on September 9 2021 for my HA fitting. Everything went well and I was very happy with the HAS and the HAs. When I arrived back at the house, I took them out and put them in the charger. It was late in the day and I did not put them back in that day.

On Friday, I put the HAs in and went about my morning. At noon, I went to play golf. On the ride over, there was a lot of wind noise from riding in an open golf cart so I stopped and used the app to mute the HA. I unmuted them upon arrival at the golf course and played my round. I was hearing everyone perfectly and it was a joy to be able to do so. After the round, I started my trip back home. I again had to stop and mute them. We went for after round adult beverages. Upon entering the restaurant, I unmuted and switched the program to P2. This is a noisy background program. I was able to hear everyone at the table and was amazed at how well they were working. After drinks and lying about how well we all played, we headed back to the neighborhood.

I was at home and wanted to learn more about the app. I was surprised to see that the left HA was disconnected. I looked at the map to see if it would detect where my HAs were. The left one was still back at the golf course at the spot where I muted it on the way home. The right one showed it was here at my house.

I took them out and placed them in the charger. The right one started charging but the left one had a rapidly blinking yellow light. The manual said to contact your supplier. I called Costco and explained the situation. They asked who fitted me and said she would call me back. Later that afternoon she did call and I explained everything that had transpired. She said to let them charge overnight and she would call me the next day. She didn’t call back.

On Monday, I boxed everything back up and drove to Costco to have them sent in for repair. The left one never did charge and would not connect. They tried to see if they could get it to charge but finally said it would have to go back for repair. This is now September 13.

We left on vacation on the 15th to return in the 23rd. I called while on vacation to inquire about the status of the repair. They said they weren’t back and also told me they would call when they had them back.

After we returned, I called again. Still nothing and was again admonished that they would call me.

Here it is, now October 4 and no phone calls. I am tempted to drive back down there and ask for a refund. The question is, would they give me a full refund even though they don’t have the HAs in hand? This whole process from way back at the very beginning has been extremely frustrating and I will most likely no bother pursuing HAs in the future.

What say you?

1)Costco will most likely refund your money.
2) Your call, but I wouldn’t let a few bumps in the road prevent you from a lifetime of better hearing that hearing aids could provide.


More than a few bumps, but I get what you’re saying. It’s just so frustrating.

Minus that you loved the sound I’m sad to hear you feel frustrated, I’m a Costco user and I had a very similar issue with my first pair of phonak brio’s I’d had them a mere two days when one suddenly malfunctioned right out the gate. I didn’t let that sour my experience with them though it can happen with any electronic device not just hearing aids unfortunately. I’ve recently brought my second pair from them without any issues I’ll be honest after my first pair I was hesitant and unsure whether to continue with Costco’s based on the amount of repairs they needed which in hindsight was due to me not realizing how much the heat and summers would take it’s till on my hearing aids (Indiana weather is very different to British weather) but I loved the service and the price and get on exceptionally well with my fitter.

Yes Costco’s can and will refund you the money it’s what the trial is for. Usually whenever I’ve had any hearing aid sent in to be repaired wait times have fluctuated it can be as fast 2 weeks it has taken as long as 4 weeks usually my local Costco’s gives an approximate 2 week turnaround unless it’s holiday season. Costco’s will call when it’s ready, have you asked if they can do a loaner hearing aid some stores are able to do that and it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

As MDB said please so not let this experience deter you from hearing aids, it was just a unlucky situation if you aren’t happy with Costco’s you can always look at other options. Costco’s is a good choice for many but not everyone as the buyer you need to be happy and that is what matters the most,


Hearing loss and the subsequent quest for effective treatment has proven frustrating to many people. That doesn’t make it right or easier to accept, but, as Tiger would say, “it is what it is”. MDB has given you good advice: stick with it.

If you’re unhappy with Costco’s repair turnaround, I’d be calling the store manager and putting their feet to the fire before giving up. But that’s me - you have to do what you are comfortable with.

If not Costco, there are other places …

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Florida weather is very different from British weather as well. Not sure why British weather is relevant though. It was very hot and humid as it normally is in Florida this time of year. We don’t have winter here until sometime in the second to third week of January and it lasts a very short time.

That day, I was sweating profusely like I normally do but these Philips 9030 are supposedly able to resist sweat and casual water exposure.

I really am trying to persevere. Costco did not attempt to manage my expectations very well. They told me they would “put a rush on it” and have them back for when I returned from vacation. Had they said it would take a month, I might have asked for a loaner set or just resolved to be patient. I am not a very patient patient.:laughing:

Thanks for the replies.

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New hearing aids failing is sure frustrating. Here on the forum we read about all brands having problems at times, some more than others.

You are fortunate to have had an experience to see just how much better you hear with aids, that is good. Costco normally has a great reputation for taking care of their customers, try to let them make this right. They have other really nice hearing aids you could move to if needed.

Good luck and hang in there.


I will be very pissed off, however, knowing Costco I will rethink, pay a very gentle visit and let them know I understand deals with those manufacturers is not an easy task, but please look at the time that has passed, can you consider give me another pair while we are on this?

Costco will not do that, but it will make them push all the buttons they have for this.

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You can also call Costco customer service. They may be able to help. You also might get some store credit for your inconvenience.

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Doesn’t Costco have like a six month return policy, they call it a trial period, for full refund, no questions asked


Yep. 180 days no questions asked. Although my HIS told me she got a little crap for having the highest return rate :rofl: she encouraged people to try out and see what you like. Since they don’t have trial pairs, you have to buy and return…

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You purchased brand new HA’s that don’t work. It’s not like you wore them for a year and started having problems. I would go to Costco and tell them I want a new pair or my money back. They can do whatever they want with the defective pair. Their not going to like it but that shouldn’t be your problem.


Your comment really caught my attention. I just purchased Phonak Paradise hearing aids. I have the app that came with them.

Here’s what caught my eye…because I’m concerned about losing my hearing aids.

What app did you use to find your lost hearing aid?
I didn’t know you could use an app to find a lost hearing aid!


The Philips app has a built in feature to locate a lost aid. Mine wasn’t lost though, I had them both. The map showed me where the aid supposedly disconnected. It was still working until I arrived home and put it in the charger.


On the one hand, with the pandemic, orders, repairs, everything is taking longer than in the past. Inventories are low. Parts are out of stock. Companies are short staffed.

On the other hand, I agree with @sabergermd. These were brand new. A replacement for defective merchandise seems reasonable.

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Persevere. I’ve worked with Costco, at three different locations, for 15 years but an Audiologist for five on my first pair. Costco wins that comparison hands down. Neither source can actually repair your aids so they have to rely on the manufacturer for turnaround. I’ve always kept an older pair around for backup because while I’ve had few failures or damage, I just enjoy hearing so much better. Best wishes to you!

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Brand new aids should be replaced not repaired and the people at Costco could make a little more of an effort other than to tell you they’ll call when they come in and make the buyer feel like he’s harassing them when he tries to inquire about an update

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They have until Monday. I will be getting a refund at that time.

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I’d like to but a month with no benefit for my $1800 is a stretch. I know that the ball is really in the manufactures court but I paid Costco.

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