My CI experience - The Diary of a Cochlear Implant



I am writing a diary of the journey of getting my first CI which I received December 5, 2017. I am really thrilled about how good it is even after just after 10 days of having it activated. Diary of a CI Comments are welcomed.


Thank you very much for sharing this!


Thank you for sharing your journey. I found it very interesting reading, as I myself have just started down the assessment journey for a CI as well.


Thanks, Deaf. I hope your experience will be as good as mine if you go ahead. I’ll add more to the diary soon - right now recovering from the flu and the meds that go with that.


Thank you for your diary. This is the first time I read an “afterhour” :wink: success-story for CI surgery. There is one thing that I miss: I don’t find an audiogram in your report, so I can compare your loss to mine. Actually I am trying new conventional hearing aids, but I guess my next pairs (in 6-10 years) need to be CIs. This is why I was interested in reading your story.
By the way, $120.000 for the whole change looks to be very much. I am glad to be in Germany because the insurances must pay for that. Isn’t this usual in the US, too?


Yes, Dani. Medicare does pay for it, but of course, that is my tax money - or my descendants to pay off eventually. :slight_smile: I will add the audiogram - that is a needed addition. Thanks. I go tomorrow for my next adjustment and will write a progress report afterwards. Boyd