My 2nd Cochlear surgery, tomorrow!

UPDATE:. Well, here’s an update. So, last month Dr. Reader had done a previous surgery, and normally they throw away the old or used parts and order new ones. I guess he needed the smallest drill bit, and because the hospital did not order a new one when the older one was thrown out, he couldn’t finish the job.
Of course, he expected that the bit would be there and trusted the hospital had done it’s job. Ah well. When I awoke, he told me everything and that he was very sorry, but most of the work is done. I will go back next Thursday for him to finish the job. The only thing I need to do is rest up, get a Covid-19 test done again, and show up. :slightly_smiling_face: I try not to dwell on it too much, otherwise I will get very frustrated and annoyed.
I woke up peaceful, not a whole lot of pain, just dizzy and nauseous. Didn’t have trouble breathing from the anesthesia this time around. I had to pee really bad though, haha. The pain the first day and night with the “ear cup” on can be described as the kind when you wear uncomfortable headphones for a long period of time. The left side of my jaw and neck also feel sore. I had trouble sleeping. Needed to stay elevated.END

Hello everyone. So I just wanted to share that 10 years after I got cochlear surgery for my right ear, I am now about to get it done for my left ear. So far my journey has been: Wait a few months for approval. I had first surgery 10 years ago, fear kept me from getting both ears done. My fault, I own up to it. Typically Medicare only pays for once in a lifetime.
I did get approved again, so I had to get the pneumococcal vaccine, the flu shot as well. I did a pre-op. Asked my questions, received some information. Got a surgery date of August 27th. Someone cancelled so I got moved up to July 2nd, tomorrow! On the 29th of June I had to get tested for Covid-19. Today I did my pre-registration for surgery at the hospital. I was supposed to have labs done, but they said because I’m 38, thin, healthy, and don’t take any medication the Dr. Said I didn’t have to do labs. So I got more info about surgery, instructions to fast, shower, use soap and sponges they gave me. Wear a clean mask. No lotion, hair gel, jewelry etc. Small amount of deodorant is ok. Other than that, show up on time and be ready to go. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. My wife will take me and drive us back. Kids will be with family. I’m not even nervous or scared this time. Just excited and ready to go. Just thought I’d share with you all. Any questions, shoot em👍


How come that you waited 10 years? Was there a problem with the first one, you didn’t like it or?

Have fun tomorrow :smiley:

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Congratulations and good luck with your surgery.

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Happy for you. Good luck

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Good luck, let us know how it has gone! I am getting my first, right ear, next Friday the 10th.


@klown07 Good Luck :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover: on your new and exciting journey. Let us know how you get on going bilateral. All the best with the rehab, it should be easier second time around.

@phobos512 Good luck on your hearing journey into the cyborg land. Exciting times ahead for you, lots of hard work with rehab and you will enjoy being able to “hear” without having to say “sorry could you repeat that please” . What device did you decide to go with?

Thinking of you both.


Good luck with your CI surgery. You will do well.


@Deaf_piper I settled on Med-El in the end.
@Raudrive Thank you sir I plan to!


@klown07, @phobos512 Good luck to you both.

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Good luck!

I guess I am a little late.

All the best!

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Good luck and speedy recovery on your surgery. Are you excited? Nervous? Are you counting the days?? I was lol. All the best to you, friend🙏

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Not sure why you deleted the post.
It just goes to show we are all very human and make mistakes.
Your description of how you feel is excellent, thanks.
At least next week isn’t too far off being Friday.

Oh, I just decided to add the update to my initial post.

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Good luck to you. :+1:t3:

I don’t even know how to react to your post update. I’ve never heard of such a thing. This sounds like a major SNAFU on the part of the surgeon. When I used to do testing you’d always hold a test readiness review to ensure you had the test asset, the test equipment, the test site, the test team, the test plan and procedures… all ready to go. I would hope, I would strongly hope, that someone cutting into another human would follow the same process. I don’t know if I’d be able to keep a level head in your situation.


:flushed::flushed: To put it bluntly your surgeon is rather stupid for not checking himself or at least getting his office staff to check up on this hugely important piece of his equipment…

It’s good that your taking it in your stride though. Be careful this week to rest up and don’t do anything to could cause excess scar tissue to form.
Good luck for next week that he gets the job completed without any further trouble. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Uf, what an update. I hope all goes well with this at the end. Hugs

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Thank you all. If I dwell on it, I get pretty upset. It’s been uncomfortable, and the pain gets to me if I don’t take the medication. We are right in the middle of a move, just found a new place 2 days ago. It’s 40 minutes away, and my wife is stuck doing everything herself. It’s been hard to sleep, then to have to do all this again soon… Frustrating :rage: She will have help with big stuff on Monday though. And I haven’t been able to focus on my class assignments, which was expected, but not the surgery mishap.

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Any update? Have been hoping to hear that you are doing fine. Know you are busy with the new place and all.

Hello! Yes, second surgery went well. I get my device and programming on August 7th. One thing though, my wife told me that the Dr. Said to her, since my left ear was worse off than my right, there wasn’t a lot to connect to? Or as much? So my hearing won’t be as good as on my right side, but that I’ll still be able to hear something. I’m just trying to remain positive, and I’ll definitely come back to let you all know how the hearing aspect turned out. I don’t want this all to have been for nothing. :unamused::worried: