My 1st Attempt at Self Programming Coming Up

I just heard from my tech at the repair lab in Kansas that’s trying to repair my Siemens 5Px and he believes it’s a circuitry issue but he said he was going to try something else before he gave up and returned it to me.

Since I’ve been waiting for the repair of my dead aid a deal came up on eBay for a new pair of Signia’s Pure 5Nx 312’s that I couldn’t pass up. The seller wasn’t sure that Signia would honor their warranty since the provider that first received these had a problem with the serial nos. on his paperwork so Signia sent the provider a replacement pair. He assures me that they were sent out to the provider in January of 2020 and have never been fitted before but I suspect if Signia sent the provider some replacements then Signia would not honor the original warranty of this pair but for the price he let them go for (under $400 for both) I figured I would roll the dice and hope for the best.

They were originally labeled for Tru-Hearing so I assume the provider was in their network. I loaded the latest Connexx software today from Signia via a share-it website that I found on Signia and have ordered a Noahlink Wireless to use for programming and I’ve already began by setting up my client name with the audiogram stored away until I get the new hearing aids connected next week after they are received.

Once I link them to Noahlink Wireless do I just import my latest audiogram from last week’s test and then will it load what the software thinks is the best setup for my audiogram? Since this will be my first attempt at self programming I’m not sure if I load each left and right aid separately or do I have both coupled with Noahlink and will it load the left and right at the same time based on the individual audiograms that I loaded and saved today? I know I’m just a newbie with a lot to learn but I know there are plenty of experienced programmers on this forum and I would really appreciate some specific pointers while I’m in the learning mode…

Tenkan suggested I place this post on a new topic in hopes I would get more responses going forward with my self programming of the hearing aids. My hearing aids should arrive early next week along with my order from Amazon for a new Noahlink Wireless programmer. If it assists anyone in sorting out the tweaks I may need after the first fit I went ahead and loaded my audiogram from my test last week on my Public Profile in this forum. I’m not sure whether my test would show my hearing as severe or profound but I hope there are some helps within the fitting software that I can take advantage of to improve my hearing…

Your loss is mild to severe.

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Ok I had a glitch with the receipt of my new set of hearing aids and the seller failed to ship me the left and right receivers with the hearing aids, he blamed that on his girlfriend since she did the packaging for him. With that said I finally received the receivers and installed them and then started the first fitting with my Noahlink and Connexx Software so here are a few questions:

  1. I don’t believe this is an issue but it was reported in the software that both aids were reported as being for the right side and I allowed it to assign one to the left side. What would cause this message in the software? Could these have been fitted before or could the mfg. have pre-assigned both aids for the right side and does it really matter since the software re-assigned it back as a left side?
  2. During the first fitting it stated my audiogram lacked sufficient points at 500hz so I backed up and added it and then clicked on recalculate fit. Was that move okay to perform?
  3. The fitting software had a note that the acoustical behavior could be optimized so I performed the critical gain measurement under its’ tab for the optimization. How does that help my hearing?
    4.Initially I thought the program would just assign each channel for me but under personalization it left them unassigned so I went to program handling and selected items from a list to assign to each channel so is that all there is to locking in each channel and there is no need to look elsewhere to set them up any further?
  4. Under the Service Tab it had:
    Restore Firmware of Remote Controls (but I don’t use any remote controls) so I assume I leave this alone but not sure if it is referring to maybe the Signia App that resides on my phone??
  5. Here is the most important question for me it stated: Update Firmware of Hearing Instruments - Should I click on this since I assume it means the hearing aid’s firmware???

Yes this would be the case, but as you have seen it simply doesn’t matter,you just assign the one want to each side.

Correct good move ; )

So this is the feedback measurement, always good to do, what it does is limits the gain in certain frequencies so as to stop feedback (sometimes it even gets it right!) and can also increase gain in certain frequencies if you have a good tight fitting dome or mould.

Channel? I think you mean program, as in you choose your own set of programs.
Channels/handles are something different that can be changed in fine tuning.

Good move,yes no need to do anything.

Not really, no need to do this unless it’s absolutely necessary, what benefits would you get for your particular model of HA, if there’s something in the firmware update that will help you can do it, otherwise no point.


Thanks Tenkan, as always you’re a great help! Where in the fitting software can I increase the overall loudness for each of the hearing aids? I still have to crank up the TV volume control to understand all that is said on the TV programs as it is at the moment… Btw, thanks again for your timely assistance!

Ok so you want to go to basic tuning or fine tuning, I would start with basic and make your gain increases from there with the master gain slider, as it’s pretty straight forward,you can adjust soft to loud sounds plus make them sound softer or sharper.
You can do this for each program you have independently or couple all together at the same time.
Just make very small changes to begin with, don’t over do it all at once ; )

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Thanks Tenkan,
It was straight forward just as you said, on my severe ear (right) hearing aid I went from 15db to 18db and on the one that apparently considered the mild ear (left) hearing aid I went from 13db to 15db. The increase seemed to allow me to hear sounds much better but I wasn’t sure about your advice to make very small changes to begin with so is a 3 db increase considered small? Also the label for the hearing aids is "TH Advanced RIC 19 S (108/45), could you or someone else decipher what it represents beginning with the 19 thru the (108/45)? I also liked under the config. for the user control being able to set the left up for volume and the right for program change. Are there any other tweaks that you would advise that I should focus on when I link to them again? Overall they seem to be performing better now than my previous Pure 5Px aids have over the past three years thanks to you… I did try to link with the Noahlink Wireless to my 5Px aids after the repair shop returned the dead one to me earlier this week and it would not link to them so I guess I would need the Hi-Pro device to get into them but I’m not sure… Just for your info after the first day of using the repaired 5Px it started acting up by giving me a short static sound and then going dead, after repeatedly opening and closing the battery it would come back on but later would shut down again so I’ve already sent it back and at this point he still believes it may be in the circuitry and if it is I will probably ask for a refund since he had previously stated he couldn’t replace the entire OS electronics, I’m guessing that they have a small circuit board within each aid…

Sure small enough, you noticed an increase, you should be able to do 1dB as well, hard to say if you would notice this tho.

So the S is for Standard receiver and 108dB would be peak output and the 45dB full on gain, not sure about the rest.

Well this is something to think about, as in did you load other programs, you get 6 in total to choose, maybe load all 6,each one has a drop down menu to choose, you can then check out what they are capable of doing in any given environment, you can easily get rid of any you don’t like or need later.

Yes your right here, Noahlink won’t work, you’ll need ConnxxAir I believe, of course HiPro connection will work also, just a hassle with cables hanging around tho.

Disappointing, definitely sounds stuffed, most likely a microphone gone (static) the manufacturers need to replace unfortunately,why it shuts down could be anything really.

Yep do this, use your refund to get a ConnxxAir or something similar.

Yes very small…microscope territory.
The manufacturers in most don’t even bother trying to repair in most cases, just throw it away and replace.

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Thanks Tenkan, your responses were very helpful and I appreciate your taking the time to provide the assistance I needed to help with my first attempt at self programming…

What you have is a TruHearing Advanced RIC 19, which is a private-label Signix 5Nx. Advanced in this context is TH’s Premium vs Advanced vs Standard; TH uses its own nomenclatures. But it is the same product. AFAIK this HA brand is primarily sold in conjunction with insurance plans. TruHearing is owned by Sivantos (now WSA).