Mute mode?

I just got my first hearing aids two days ago. They are Savia Art 22 ITC/HS dSZ. When I read information on the Phonak site, it said that this model has a “mute mode”. I understood that to mean that I could use this mode to turn off any sound that was coming through the hearing aid for as long as I had mute mode on. The hearing aid specialist who fit my aids told me that mute mode was something to do with changing the amount of compression so that loud noises wouldn’t be too loud. He mostly deals with Siemens aids, so I wonder if what he was telling me was correct. Does anybody know anything about this? Thanks.

in most instruments
the mute mode is just like the tv mode… to silence the HA

I’ve not dealt with Phonak in a number of years, but most modern hearing aids have a mute mode where the sound is muted, much like a TV mute mode. It doesn’t sound like your audiologist is correct here, but I am only guessing.

Thank you. That’s what I thought. I have sent an e-mail to Phonak to try and confirm exactly how it works and how I can access it. The user guide mentions turning it on when you first are inserting your hearing aids if you don’t have a few second delay, but they don’t say how.

I am so grateful for this forum. I don’t have anyone locally that I can turn to who understands all these new issues, physical as well as psychological, that I’m facing. Right now I’m feeling pretty discouraged about the whole situation. I’ve been trying to wear my new HAs and get used to them, but several things are uncomfortable and/or annoying. For instance, my ears begin to get sore and occasionally itchy after a few hours of wearing the ITC HAs and I hate the constant pressure in my ears. I know there is an adjustment period you go through, but it is scary to realize that while some issues can be eliminated, others are just going to have to be tolerated permanently. On top of that, it seems so much of a trial and error process to find out which problems fall into what category.

I was hoping to be able to wear an open fit type hearing aid like MicroSavia, but the hearing aid specialist recommended the in-the-ear type. He said that I could always try the open fit later if I didn’t like the ITCs. I don’t know if it is just me, but I would have thought that it would be easier to start with the open fit and work my way up to the ITC if my hearing loss is on the border between the two types. My audiogram results were as follows:
250 15 15
500 25 25
1000 35 45
2000 40 40
3000 45 70
4000 60 75
6000 60 75

I have 45 days to try out the ITC HAs. What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to give it before I say “this isn’t working for me” and ask to try something else? As it is right now, I’d like to turn them in tomorrow, but I don’t want to be too hasty and risk giving up something that may work out for me after all.

PS Is there anyone out there that prefers an ITC to an open fit (assuming of course that your loss can use either) and if so, what are the things you like better?

Since you have 45 days, I’d wear your aids for a couple of weeks at least. Personally, I would have tried you with open fit first, since it is quick and easy. If I don’t have such an instrument in stock I can have it within 24 hours. ITCs are custom made, and take longer to get.

If they are still physically uncomfortable after a week, they may not have made them fit very well. Might be time to try something else.

ill give it out at least 2 weeks,
i would also suggest to take a rest like 1hr or something in the mid day… till you get use to them… Phonak is one of the Top 3 companies in the world, and while i do not dispense their products they have very good instruments…
im sure your audi will be able to help…

Cammycat has made a very important point. Comfort is really important for a new HA wearer. Audi’s don’t all seem to be aware of this. My aids are 12 months old, but still not really comfortable. My audi said my expectations were too high and I had to give up getting help. I now alternate between wearing left and right, but not two together. Maybe this would help Cammycat for a while, but I know we should be wearing both. Could someone please let the makers know that more people would wear aids if they were more comfortable.

most fitting soft… have a adaptation manager, either automatic or manual…
for immediate acceptance…
Some aids you can set them at a very low gain and as time goes by the instrument will increase the gain gradually - given you use it for x# of hrs ,
till it reaches the target gain