Must make decision by Monday please help! Differences between Starkey 3 series i20, i30, i90 and i110. (i110's for $4800/pair)

Hey all, I have 10 year old HA’s that i never wear because they dont really help me.

I have done some research and called Starkey myself, they seem helpful and Starkey seems like a solid brand with lots of good things said about them, so I am going to trial them first.

However, I am a cynical person by nature and the audi wasnt very clear what the differences were between the models within the 3 series.

I have 2 questions, first of all, does the price she quoted me sound fair?

i110 $4800

i90 $4600

i70 $4200

i30 $3600

i20 $2800

All prices are for the pair with 3 year warranty and 3 year loss replacement.

The second question is what are the major differences between the models? $2000 is a big difference.

45 45 50 60 65 70 70 80 is my audio gram approx…dont have it with me but its basically moderate to severe in both ears.

Please help!

Thanks guys.

Pricing can vary dramatically between providers depending on the services they offer. For example, do they have unlimited office visits, and for what period of time? I would suggest calling around to see what others in your area are charging for the same thing.

For hearing aid features and differences, see this chart: