Musicians and BTE vs RITE and Widex Dream


My son will be trialing the Widex Dream BTE soon. He is trumpet (classical) performance major at a conservatory. He is currently using Oticon Agil Pros, RITE. (His two previous sets had traditional ear molds with the tubes.) The Oticons have been OK for non-music stuff, but unusable for music. We probably should not have kept them.* He just takes them out when playing, which causes other problems, like not being able to hear the conductor or other members of the orchestra. I’m encouraged by what I have read about the Dream. He is going to try going back to the traditional ear molds. In our consultation with the audiologist, we figured out that the last set of aids – Phonak Savias – worked better with music. She suggested we try that set up to see if it is more agreeable.

Any musicians have experience with RITE vs. traditional?

*I really feel like this is an area where our last audiologist failed us. He told us the Agils were the ones to get and we said OK. Even after a million programming appointments without any good solutions, he never suggested trying different hearing aids. I am partly to blame, for not being a better advocate for my son. Our new audi reminded us more than once that there are lots of options if this is not the one and we can keep trying different models until we get the best result. Oh well. Live and learn.

Bernafon is the aid of choice for musicians. ironically this brand was bought by oticon. This aid applies compression gradually rather than at a set kneepoint. This apparently causes sounds to retain it’s dynamics much more accurately. ask musician_72, pm him about your son.

also it’s sold at costco.

IMO the ideal setup for musicians is to have 2 pairs of aids. one for conversation and another for music. bernafon aids have a bad reputation for hearing others in noise. Your son can retain the oticon for conversations and as a backup. and use the bernafon for work.

You don’t have to switch to a traditional BTE with sound tube just to get custom earmolds. They’re available for RITE (more commonly called RIC) instruments as well. There are a number of benefits that RICs have over BTEs, including increased maximum gain before feedback due to the receiver being located further away from the microphone.

I wrote a longer answer in the other thread. And I do get along with the bernafons very well in conversation, too …