Musician with Phonak Marvel M70-R

Just got Phonak M-70Rs. All good until I get on a job using amplified with an speaker. Speaker set low for dinner music. But HA’s seem to adjust their volume to zero when I play. When song is over, they kick back in. Any suggestions here?

If you’re just got them on trial, your fitter started with ‘speech in calm’, and phonak generates other programs automatically.
It looks like you don’t like what phonak thinks you’ll need, so make notes for everything you encounter and tell that to your fitter :blush:

Also, I’d recommend sharing your audiogram with us (put it in your profile), many good advices/hints came because of that picture :slight_smile:

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You need to have your fitter set up a manual MUSIC setting that basically turns all the bells and whistles off. Particularly WhistleStop. That causes that trill sound. Other auto adjust things need to be minimized. I too am a musician.

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I’m not familiar with the problem you describe, but you might want to reconsider buying Phonak if you are a pro or semi-pro musician. Phonak has a low input headroom. So they tend to clip the input signal before the HA even starts to process the sound. Not good. Widex and Oticon (and maybe some other brands) have a much higher input headroom.

This problem will manifest itself especially when you play at higher volume. It is terrible for singing too. If you are still on a trial with the Phonaks I would suggest you at least try the latest and best from Widex and Oticon before you commit to buying the Phonaks.


The best recommendation is DIY, you need to do things yourself to get them where you want, only you know what you are hearing, no one else can ; )
Its super easy and plenty of people from right here on the forums can help you get the best use from your HAs.

Good luck

Thanks for the replies. I have had these for about 3+ months and really like them and the MyPhonak app. I have a great audi and will make an app’tment to see what she can do. Thanks to all.

I have Naida M90’s and play the piano. I have a separate Music chanel for this and the comments above are correct about tuning. DIY is certainly good for fine tuning performing music, but is not for everyone. Take this to your audiologist:
Guidelines for Musicians with Hearing Loss to Bring to Their Audiologist.pdf (213.1 KB)

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