Musical pitches altered


Hearing aid wearer. Just had damage from standing too near a loudspeaker for way too long. Certain musical pitches (Ab up to Eb above c5 on piano)now have changed! Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
In addition, tinnitus has increased, and, although this has disminished some, would hear something like tiny phones ringing when yawning.


Probably time for a new hearing test. Come back and let us know the results of that.

If the tinnitus is new, time is critical. Go to an ENT, preferably one interested in ears.

You have hearing loss already? Why did you expose your ears to loud sounds?


When you say “pitch” do you really mean pitch (as in audio frequency) or character (timbre). Are we talking about sounds coming through the aids? There are some hearing aids that will frequency shift some sounds in an attempt to improve speech intelligence.


Tinittus is not new. Just worse.
Playing music in a new band for the first time and without a soundcheck, caught between a way too loud speaker and loud instruments. Damage done before I could remedy things. Should have walked off but didn’t.


Matalie, audio frequency or musical pitches. Specifically on a keyboard, on the Ab up to Eb above C5, I’m hearing a different note than I should be hearing. Example: I play an A and I hear a B. I guess I’m just hearing weird overtones drowning the true pitch. And it seems to be only that 5 note range. All other pitches seem right.
This is crazy and frightening. Never heard of this happening.


That is a feature that is a available on some aids as I stated. My Resounds have it available, but thankfully it is turned off. Even if I needed it, I’d turn it off in the music program. I’ve already had to do many tweaks to the “music” program as they’ve set it up anyhow, notably with the feedback compensation. Some of the notes (particularly Eb in the middle ranges) caused a pretty bad ringing in my aids.


I’m a musician - I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. I have lost a lot of pitch discrimination. I can tell this because it’s only my left ear that is affected. I can’t perceive a quarter tone in that ear, but a semitone is fine. My right is unaffected so I can compare it. I watched a video recently that described this phenomenon really well. Let me see if I can find it and come back to you


That would be great. Thanks


Thx, Matalie
Just to be clear, the altered pitches in those certain ranges occur whether I have the aids on or not. It’s in the ear. ( I DID just notice that the Ab now sounds true whereas it didn’t earlier so I guess there’s some hope of healing. )
I would be interested if there are certain aids that can help in this, though.


Some with that problem went to an Apple store and they said he had a defective BT antenna and they replace his new phone.


I just posted my experience about pitch changes. I also had, in the past, a strong connection to musical harmony (barbershop quartet singing). Now music just sounds off key. I wonder how many HA wearers have similar issues. I would love to hear from you.