Music program - Oticon Spirit Synergy MiniBTE

I have a music program enabled on the above device.

They’re supplied by the NHS.

Does anyone know how the music program differs to the standard one?

Is it to do with maximum input/output levels, feedback suppression or is bass enhanced for example?

I have the same hearing aids from the NHS. I can’t really answer your question, even though I too have had the music program put in. I think it’s probably all of the things you mentioned. To be honest, since I had an REM test, music sounds just as good on the standard program, so I don’t notice that much of a difference. It is slightly louder on the music program, but not excessively so.

Thanks for your input!

I have never had REM carried out.

I’m also seeing a private audiologist. He did mention he would do REM at some point. Did it make a great deal of difference to you?

Was that done within the NHS?

Yes. I had the REM test done with the NHS. It made a massive difference. In actual fact I was blown away. For over 15 years I believed that music just did not sound good with digital hearing aids. After taking the REM test, music sounded sensational, like it did 20 years ago when I wore analog hearing aids. Essentially, the audiologist upped the gain by around 6db to 9 db from 250khz to 1000khz. I couldn’t believe the difference, and cursed myself for believing that the reason why music sounded so uninvolving was because of digital technology. It wasn’t, at least it hasn’t been since then with the Oticon Synergy and Phonak Virto V70 (private aids), once I made this discovery.

I will never have a hearing aid fitted now without demanding an REM test, or in situ testing. Phonak are notorious for underprescribing the gain, and I had the same issue with the NHS oticons.

I recently finished a trial with the Phonak Lyric device. Unfortunately, it caused too much irritation. They were otherwise ok comfort wise.

Think I’m going to try the Phonak Titanium IIC…

Interesting information regarding the gain needing to be increased after REM. Musical did sound poor with the Lyric device to be honest.

Well, yeah. I think now we’re talking about the limitations of the speaker size with IIC hearing aids. I know with my loss what music sounded like with a CIC hearing aid, not sure how it would be with yours. I did wear a CIC alongside my NHS BTE aids and had to accept that of course, the speaker size was never going to match the BTE aids, and hence, music never sounded good. That said, Phonak do an IIC SP receiver in the titanium and because of miniaturisation, have been able to pack it in there. With your loss, I would surmise that may not sound bad. For me, it would still be insufficient.