Music listening devices and compatible cell phones with t-coil

I wear two hearing aides and love to listen to music. I cannot use earbuds due to my severe loss and headphones hurt with my aides in my ear. I am looking for suggestions on what to purchase if wonder if it best to use the bluetooth in my hearing aides and purchase a bluetooth compatible mp3 or apple device to listen to music downloaded from my cd collection or radio?

I also am in the market for a new phone as my phone often hums while I use it with my t-coil. My new phonak hearing aide has a mode that clicks right into the t-coil mode when I place it to my ear but is keeps chiming in and out every second if moved just a hair while I am trying to talk on the phone

Has anyone advice on what to purchase so I can enjoy the music while I am exercising and eliminate my cell phone problems.

I am amazed how little the cell phone dealers know about accomodating people with hearing loss.


I cannot tell if you are based in the UK or U.S.

If you are based in the UK, there is a t-coil device that can help with MP3 players:

I’m afraid I don’t know about mobile telephones. From a brief trawl on the internet, most people seem to use bluetooth compatible phones, or headsets with telecoil fitted. I did see a couple of references to a Nokia and Blackberry phone. I think you would have to contact those manufacturers directly to see which models have telecoil fitted, if any.

I have found any phone with a T4 rating to perfectly fine. Some T3 are good and some are not and I don’t know why.

By law all cell phones sold in the US must state on their packaging their hearing aid compatibility. M ratings are for microphone, T ratings for T-coil.

I use a telecoil, and without it, I am lost. I have tried many phones and the T4 rating always works without a hum, but your hearing aid also must have a rating of at least T3 to be really good. If you add the T rating of you hearing aid t the T rating of your phone and get at least 6 you should be good.

My Starkey Destinys are T4, as is also my LG Rumor2. Very good combination.

I use the iCom with my Phonak aids, and am happy with its performance.

+1 for the iCom. Works great with the phone and music. I actually play the music from my phone. Only downside is battery life with the iCom. It is OK, but should last longer when in “use”

Hi Liz, the noizfree beetle bluetooth H2 is an excellent device for both cell phone and MP3, there are a couple of links below, but if you shop around you will find it cheaper:D I have tried it and it works well!

The newer version is the H2, comes in 3 versions, single hook, double hook or telecoil neck loop!

I hope this helps.

Good luck, Cheers Kev:D

Buy in the USA;

Buy in the UK;

The following link may be useful for Nokia hearing aid compatible (t-coil) phones:

Aye glucas, thank you for the link!

Although the only way you will pick one of those phones up is second hand as they are all a year or two old if not more?

Cheers Kev:D

There is a Compatability guide that lists phones that are fully compatible with the ICom devise made by Phonak. I have a Motorola Droid, and found that it was "fully compatible with the ICom device which I just purchased with my new Phonak Solana hearing aids. At the Phonak Web Site click on “Products and Solutions”, then under Accessories click on “Communications”, and on that page click again on “Icom Compatability Guide.” Click on the Drop down window and select the Manufacturer and Model of the phone you want to know about.