Music Link

I wear a phonak certena BTE that has an automatic telecoil feature. I don’t have a manual setting. Although, perhaps I will ask the audi to install one for back up.

Can a music link (ear hooks) work well with automatic t coil.

My Naida’s are not set for auto t-coil. I like the ability to switch t-coils on so that I can use them in a looped environment as well.

Some telephones do not trigger the auto t-coil, so they (Phonak can ) supply a small magnet with an adhesive mount that is stuck on the phone headpiece. Some variation of this may be needed with the music link if it doesn’t trigger the auto t-coil alone.

Perhaps you can trial an iCom. It really takes the hassle out of getting stereo, but it is not cheap.

I do use the telephone magnets witht he automatic t coil.

Can the audiologist create a new program for telecoil? So can I have automatic t coil AND a program set aside for telecoil?

So, does anyone ever had success with using an automatic t-coil with music link?

Either way, i will talk with my audi about setting up a telecoil program for back up.