Music in both ears including hearing ear

My friend has 1 x HA in one ear and 1 x normal hearing in the other.

Is there a way of allowing her to use her hearing aid and getting music in both ears?

She currently takes her HA out and uses normal ear phones but she lost a HA doing it this way.

She could bypass her ears and try one of those new models of bone conduction headphones. I haven’t tried them yet but they are my list of things to do “someday”. There are a few here that seem to like them and they have been getting good reviews. Some are much better than others.

Thanks. I’ll get her to investigate. I guess she could still wear her HA as well?

I use the bone conduction head phones.
I like them.
I use them to listen to the TV, music on my phone.
I also use them make and receive calls on my phone.
I do this with my RIC hearing aids on.
They do fit differently.
I personally do not find them uncomfortable.


They’re not everyones cup of tea because they’re huge but back when I only had one HA I bought Bose over ear headphones. They are big enough to cover the HA mics and my ear canal at the same time as I wear domes

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Ah that’s a good idea. I think you can get Bluetooth ones which are even better.

Action On Hearing Loss used to do headphones to combine with hearing aids but they now appear to have stopped. The headphones in their current online catalogue seem to be for use without hearing aids and are only suitable for a moderate or severe hearing loss.

Is this for your friend who is profoundly deaf? If so, then what AOHL have may be unsuitable.

Has your friend tried Connevans?

Thanks. She has a severe loss in one ear.

She’s found telecoil headphones but they don’t produce sound so her hearing ear wouldn’t get any sound.

I told her about normal headphones and she’s going to look into it and whether she can still wear her HA at the same time.

There are Bluetooth transmitters that transmit to two different Bluetooth devices, like a Bluetooth hearing aid and a wireless earbud. Not sure if there is latency.

Here is one. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver, 2-in-1 Wireless 3.5mm Adapter (aptX Low Latency, 2 Devices Simultaneously, For TV/Home Sound System/Car/Nintendo Switch)

These seem to have the best ratings and only $36

My friend has decided to try some BC headphones. She says there cheap enough if they don’t work for her.

Side note - My left ear has a large conductive loss, I guess I would cope quite well with BC headphones?

When I use my over ear headphones together with my HA (two of them) I got interference and a beeping sound what really bothers me.

I have used larger models of over the ear sound cancelling headphone right over my aids, and it works quite well. Your aids have to be located so they can hear sounds from the headphones, but I have not found it to be an issue. Especially in noisy environments I think this is better than direct streaming of music to the hearing aids. More noise reduction, and better quality sound.

They have a reputation for poor frequency response. (If your audi does bone-test, those shakers have been calibrated for corrrection.) A review from 2012 said they were crappy. However one brand is still around, it has a “box” which could do correction, so it is possible they get better every few years.