Music distortion

I am brand new to this site. If there’s anyone who can relate, please share. I’ve been diagnosed with Cochlear Meniere’s Disease in my right ear, but I’m not sure if that is what’s going on. I am a jazz pianist, and started having having trouble hearing music in late July 2012. All music is now completely distorted, out of tune, ugly and unrecognizable as the beautiful sound it is. I have constant low frequency pounding/vibrations in my head-it never stops. I have almost total hearing loss in my left ear- this is not a new development but has been happening gradually for 10-12 years. My right ear has always been fine, the ear that I rely on. Until now.
MIRs, a spinal tap, *and CTs have revealed zero. Taking all manner of prescription drugs and vitamins, drinking lots of water, low salt diet, getting excercise etc. I’m seeing the best doctors I can find here in Ohio, but will go anywhere for help. I’m also seeing holistic doctors, healers, and acupuncturists, but so far with no results. Music is my life, and my life is completely broken. I can not listen to or play any music whatsoever. I can not see a movie or watch TV, because sound coming from a speaker is so ugly. I can not be in any kind of a loud environment or anywhere that there is background noise. Voices are also distorted, especially high voices. I am, in a word, desperate.

Thank you for reading, God Bless all who are suffering this Holiday season.

Actually I am also suffering from the same problem. I have took so many treatments but haven’t got the proper solution yet.

i was diagnosed with cochlear hydrops several years ago, and experience many of the symptoms you are describing. After several tries, I found a doctor who understood what I had and what I was experiencing. I now take acetezolamide to reduce the presuure in my inner ear, and also [I]try[I] to adhere to a low sodium diet. I still have bad days where I cannot recognize familiar music and voices sound badly distorted, but on the whole, I have fewer such episodes than previously.

I wish you the best as you seek solutions to this extremely frustrating problem!

I use the Clearvoice setting on the TV, with TV ears seems to help.
Also try editing some music using different speeds, changing equalizer, bass boost and back off some frequencies. For me slowing the speed 2-3% allows my brain to process the distorted sounds better.
I have SNIHL with tinnitus, hypercacus and recruitment for over a year. It is painful to listen to complex music, as Jazz, Blues and movie scores tend to be.

Could you provide an update on how things are going with the acupuncture? That’s something I was interested in once for my problem.

I’ve had no progress as of 4/12/13. I’ve been off Levaquin for a few weeks and vibrations and distortion are getting steadily worse. Levaquin, an antibiotic, masks some of the symptoms but isn’t a cure. I’ve been taking beta serc which was highly recommended, with no success. Acupuncture hasn’t been helpful, nor has the myriad of pills I continue to take daily, mostly herbal. I’m about ready to insist on surgery, although I don’t expect that to work either. I’ve been to the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, and they haven’t a clue as to what to do.

Bottom line: I’m a musician and I can no longer hear music. This is my life, and I’m ready to call it quits. Constant noise makes anything but complete silence intolerable.

What surgical options, if any, have you been offered, or would you “insist on?”

the best care you will get almost anywhere not just Ohio would be at the Cleveland Clinic.

Your situation is very sad and I appreciate how badly you feel. Warren Otologic Group in Warren, Ohio was always excellent and cutting edge; wouldn’t hurt to call them if they are not too far away. They would be a little more personal than the Cleveland Clinic.

I suddenly went totally deaf in my right ear after having a moderate loss on both sides for many years. I grieved a lot for many months. Keep talking to people.

On a lark, but have you been checked for hidden dental infections?

I also hear a some music distortion. High tones are increased and low are decreased, and for me too, everything sounds out of tune. I have almost complete hearing loss on my left ear since birth, but good on my right.

I really hope you find a way to improve your hearing, but I don’t really have any ideas on how.

I’m struggling with the same problem of distortion. I cannot hear the higher frequencies. So when I listen to orchestral music it sounds like off key cellos, violas etc. Very strident at bestw. Most notes sound either flat or sharp. If I know the music, I can superimpose what I remember of it on the garbage I perceive, but that is only as a way of recognizing the music. Most music is unrecognizable unless it’s a single voice or instrument. Those are easier for me to make out.

I spoke to my audiologist about this the other day. She said people can have the same degree of hearing loss and one will have this deficit while another won’t. She said it’s because certain nerve cell endings that perceive a particular pitch have died. She boosted my higher frequencies, but said that there really is no way to compensate for the loss. My grandmother suffered from this deficit too.

I’m so sorry for all of you who are musicians. What a loss!