Music Distortion - Mild Mid-Range Loss - Correctable?


My classic iPhone 5 reports that I have a pair of ReSoundLT562-DRW hearing aids. (Why does Google not find the ‘LT562’ and suggest ‘LS562’ instead? Where do these fall on the ‘quality’ spectrum?

I find that they ‘do not work for music.’ I have a theory to explain why this happens. I believe I developed mild mid-range hearing loss because of physical damage to my hair cells. Here is why.

Around 1969 I rented a large chainsaw with little or no exhaust muffling. I ran it for several hours. My hearing was ‘ringing’ afterwards. At a concert that night the piano was terribly ‘out-of-tune’ and the whole orchestra had intonation problems. The music sounded like it was being played on Jimi Hendrix’s guitar. Over time my problem with distorted music ‘resolved’ itself. Fast forward to 2017-2018 and hearing aids in my ears. Put simply, if I want to hear ‘undistorted (Jimi Hendrix) music’ I need to open the smart-app on my iPhone and turn off the hearing aids. Everything is hear is muffled, but the music is undistorted. I find this a Hobson’s Choice of a solution.

My explanation is that the hearing centers in my brain ‘corrected’ the amplitude of the signal until it was no longer distorted. My hearing aids increase the amplitude at those frequencies so I can objectively hear them, but what I hear is distorted.

Am I the first to propose that neuroplasticity ‘corrected’ my distorted sound and hearing aids restored the distortion?

Should I be concerned that if I use the hearing aids in loud environments (walking next to heavy traffic on a busy street) my brain will respond in the same way again and I will ‘suffer further mid-range hearing loss?’

Is my experience unique?



Does Hearing Loss affect Harmony Perception?

Have you ever had certain channels on your hearing aids set up for music (i.e. turn virtually ALL the automatic correction, feedback, balancing, etc OFF)?

Hearing aids with the full auto stuff going on are terrible to try to listen (let alone play!) music with. They are constantly making adjustments for what the computer thinks you should hear, which sucks for music.

I have the “normal” channel (memory, program, whatever you want to call it) with the bells and whistles working for day to day speech. I have the next 3 channels set up for music. I’m still experimenting with new aids which are different than what I’ve been using for the past 17 years. Once I get a music channel dialed in, I’ll alternate the four channels so I have normal, music, normal, music, and don’t have to hit the switch but once to be in my preferred setting.




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