Music distorted

I have new Phonak (Audeo MINI/Audeo SMART) HA’s that produce a shattering (split-up) music tone in all pitches while playing on a digital or an accoustic piano. It makes the sound an obnoxious “flutter” like a very fast vibrato. Should a skilled Audiologist be able to adjust this out? Is it an equalizer - compression - volume - adjustment? All opinions welcome before my next (of many) visit to my Audiologist. Thanks! Don K.

Most standard (WDRC) aids think a sustained note like a piano is feedback and attempt to supress it…hence the flutter.

You should have a dedicated music program on your aid that turns down or off the feedback suppression.

Possible but unlikely: The only other thing that might cause a pure note to flutter could be simply overload…that is, the sound is too loud for the aid’s automatic gain control to handle. Ed

I much appreciate your comments & have printed this response to take to my VA appt. in early Oct. with an Audiologist whom I have not met. Hopefully your input will give wisdom to get me corrected. Many thanks, Don K

If I am correct you may have up to 5 different listening programs on your aids. One may be set up fpr normal listening, one may be directional for say in a meeting or restaurant, one may be a telecoil and so forth. One of your programs can be set up specifically for music which will give you a much fuller sound. That program can then be further tweaked o say and more or less base more treble more mid range, like a graphic equalizer, So when he first sets it don’t be discouraged.