Muse iQ i2400 BTE vs RIC


I have a moderately severe to profound hearing loss. I have been recommended a Siemens signia pure 1x RIC with dome from an audiologist and Starkey Muse iQ i2400 BTE with ear mould from a different audiologist. This got me into a confusion as to whether to choose BTE or RIC. I am currently on a Widex RIC though it has been several years. The BTE of Muse iQ i2400 has thick tubes that are visible in the ears, but my audiologist says this will benefit over the RIC model or BTE with thin tube or wire. Please share your thoughts.


the BTE would be good for you since you’re very similar to me! mine is almost leaning into profound since I hit the 90 mark and 91 or more is considered profound


This makes no sense to me. RIC puts the receiver (speaker) in the ear. How is having the receiver behind the ear and sending sound down a tube better? A more powerful receiver maybe??


basically they suggest because bte has less repair to speaker unit if you have sweat or ear wax problem frequently. other wise RIC is good fit with custom mold/shell(for starkey) and hp receiver for signia. but i will suggest you ric with mold/ custom shell. since it will provide more isolation from outside noise.