Mum to 4month old with moderate loss- anyone with similar


Hello, Looking for experiences. My 4 month old was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. L ear 35/60/65/75 . R ear 45/50/60/65. She has been wearing the HAs since she was 6 weeks old. I would be grateful for shared experiences for people with similar as adults.


  1. Are there times you do and don’t wear the HAs(eg. cinema, or watching a movie on your own)
  2. Do any of you wear one HA sometimes and what is that like in normal day to day situations
  3. generally what things day to day are annoying so that I can try my best and avoid/help these for LO.

photo attached of the BTEs she wears which whistle so much

thank you from a very grateful mummy!


  1. I don’t wear HA only in the sleep and in the water.
  2. Wearing only one HA cripples, so it should not happen. A custom mould is the best for avoiding the feedback (whistles) and shortening of the tube will help, too.
  3. Don’t treat your daughter special, but like any ordinary kid. Of course she needs the rehabilitation of the speech and that’s it.


really appreciate your advice yes we see her as any ordinary kid now since the diagnosis we are used to it now. Can I ask, with one HA is it that the sound is weird, you cannot hear words clearly or its just not as good as two. thank you!!



With one HA your daughter probably cannot hear words clearly and its not as good as two. And an effect of synergy is off.
I think maybe an audiologist should look at the molds.

And maybe as her mom you can talk a lot to her, make a sounds around her to be aware of them.
And it’s very important if you will participate in the rehabilitation of the speech by the exercises in speaking at home and correcting her all imperfections in the speech.



thank you :D. I will do this



@mumtonewbie, I assume that your daughter’s audiologist has done real-ear measurements (REM) to make sure the aids are actually meeting her prescription? Feedback is annoying enough for an adult, and I can’t imagine what it sounds like to a baby. Maybe send an email to one of the experts–like Cliff Olson, AuD–he has a YouTube channel, and see if he has suggestions. I’m sure that some of the audiology experts on this forum will also provide some insight. Wishing your daughter better hearing.

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thank you! yes we are getting REM done on monday. thanks for the reply

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I have a similar loss but worse down (not too bad since I stopped at 90 last year)
as for feedback too, might wanna check for wax. I have that issue on mine and getting my ears cleaned out is helpful!



Thank you! I will do



:slight_smile: you’re welcome!



Myself and my 17 year old son have worn hearing aids since age 5 & 2 respectively. Similar loss level to your lovely baby, we always keep our hearing aids in apart from swimming & night time. The whistling should be able to be addressed, it may be the mould slightly out of position, we move it if this happens & settles down. We always wear two, just the one means all the hearing comes into the aided ear and is very tiring & unbalanced, possibly a bit like one eye glass rather than glasses. I did invest in private hearing aids for my son aged 10 as I have worn Widex for over 20 years and they put the joy and comfort into hearing for me. He has the F2 with ric, I have the ite custom, our loss goes from around 50 to 90db and has been stable throughout. My son used the fabric sleeves for water play etc as they protect the actual aids from accidental splashing.



Pediatric audiologist here - if you hear whistling/feedback/squealing, it’s probably because the molds are too small! They will need replaced OFTEN during the first year of her life, then it will be less often. Don’t try to manipulate the molds or tubing yourself (someone mentioned shortening the tube - that won’t do anything)… schedule an appointment for new impressions!