Multiple hearing aids for sale

Hi guys, I have many aids for sale, some of them quite new models. I hope this kind of advertising is allowed here , at least on this particular topic:
PM me if interested.
Oticon OPN 1 - with issues ( probably mics) - pair
Siemens / Signia Primax 5px - pair
Siemens / Signia 7nx - single
Wdex Dream 220 - Pair
Resound Ziga Lite - pair
Siemens/Signia Motion 5nx - pair
Phonak B70 direct - single
If not interested, please refrain from comments and simply ignore the post.

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How do I contact you?


I am interested in the OPN 1s. What color, what receivers? Price?

It’s not OPN1S, it’s OPN1 Not the same :slight_smile:
A pair, silver colour, aids have an issue ( beeping occasionally). They do work, it’s just these beeps few times a day. It means that aids need maintenance or repair ( guys here think mics should be replaced).
Therefore low price, we can discuss it.

Have you received my msg?

Is the Signia 7NX the 13 battery size? What color?

It’s #312 battery size

As for the colour, grey-brownish

I can do basic programming if you want me to, and if you have audiogram.