Can anybody tell me either in a post or a PM as to what the suggested price from Starkey for a set of Starkey 1600 CIC’s are? Or is the price wide open as to what the audi or HIS can charge. I’m not starting this thread to create wars or anything. I know about overhead and the cost of running an office. I’m just curious:confused: as the the MSRP if there even is one. Thanks, Howie

The closest thing I’ve seen to an MSRP list is usually a work of fiction produced by the manufacturers. On such a work of fiction, I’ve seen these aids advertised at $10,000+ for a pair.

They do this, I believe, so that dispensers can make it look like you are getting a good discount.

The impression I get from my Starkey rep is they don’t care what I sell their product for. The price they charge me is a function of how many aids I buy, my agreement with them about being exclusive to them or not. Things like that. I’ve been given no training, guidance, or other paperwork inducing me to sell them at a certain price.

Thanks, I appreciate the answer. Howie

Consider the services the audi offers, ASk for rem

Hi Huck,

The supposed MSRP on the 1600 is about $3800 per aid, but I seriously doubt anyone ever sells them for that (the prevailing rate is somewhere around $2600 or $2700 for that model, depending on where you are in the US).

Make sure when you are comparing hearing aid prices that you ask about the length of the repair warranty and the loss/damage warranty, as well as how long office visits are covered. Some practices include lifetime batteries, dri-aid kits or other things in their prices, so you want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

The most important thing is to find a provider you are comfortable with, because you will be dealing with them for a long time.

I’m interested to know where you got that figure from. Because I’ve never seen that, and I’ve worked with Starkey since 1994. You may think that’s high, but I happen to know an Audibel center in Tennessee (not one I’ve worked at) that sells them for $9,000 a set. And the MRSP I’ve seen is over $5,000 each.

I think those are two very important points. Some practices like to bundle two or even three years of warranty in, others offer free life time service. There are all kinds of packages and they have a monetary value attached to them.

Your second point is also important, and that is to make sure you are not dealing with a turd. Turds come in every profession from doctors to dentists, janitors to lawyers. If you’re going to have to see a professional over and over again, you don’t want to be dealing with a turd. :o

I did a google search to see if there was some concensus on what the aids were going for, and this site ( ) said that is what MSRP was (but as you know, that doesn’t really mean much!). Just searching again, I found this one that says it is $4195 ( Welcome - ), so it just goes to show you there really isn’t a true MSRP. :smiley:

That is just sad that places will sell them for that much, if you ask me. Of course I want to make enough to earn a living, but I’m not out to gouge anyone in the process.

True, you definitely want to avoid turds! :wink: