MS Teams phone numbers & calls, iOS streaming to hearing aid?

Does anyone have experience using MS Teams phone numbers and calls etc. with Apple phones that stream to one’s hearing aid (e.g. phone is paired to HA)??

I need to know as much as I can about this as soon as possible.

Thank you, Tom

I’m running Phonak Virto P90s with an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and I’m on Teams calls all day long. I use my iPhone for the calls when I’m away from my desk, and they work fine.

@Kado thank you for replying, this is a good start, I have the same iPhone, Starkey Livio AI (ca. 2020 model).
I’m still puzzled though.
Assuming this iPhone has its own phone number from the carrier (e.g. Verizon), how is it known/heard/notified/seen that the call is coming in on the Teams number?? New job I now have gave me a Teams phone number (it’s not an eSIM). Idk if they are making me use a separate work phone which I must request be an iPhone since the HA can only pair with an iPhone.
For outbound calls, are you able to have them go out from the Teams number?? I know I can call out from my iPhone itself but this means zillions of people at work would get my personal cell number…
Thank you, Tom

A Teams number is simply VoIP going through the Teams app. As long as your HAs connect to the iPhone you should be good. I run Teams, an additional VoIP line, and google voice on my phone with no issues.

@Kado thank you for the clarifications. :slight_smile:

For now, I shall remain puzzled until I’ve tried it out with people etc. to see how it all works etc.

Thank you, Tom