Moxi dura

Morning All, Sorry to bother you (im based in the uk)I was just wondering if any one can help me. I have tried MANY HA’s. I was with a Unitron Moxi yuu. But after a few years if having this I felt the need to have a new one in case this breakdowns on me.

However the only thing that is irritating me with most of the new aid I have had. Although this is the nearest aid we have come too without feedback issues, mould issues,actual clarity issues and lastly the t coil issue… I have a severe hearing aid loss and my Audo has done several REM on this aid and did a comparison with my old aid too. On my old aid a I pref a OMI mic. I also have this on a omi mic. BUT I just cant seem to shake the stuffy effect and it don’t sound a 100% when I speak. It occasionally sounds echoey. Although with my old aid he said it was more basey but im not liking too much base on this one??

Bluetooth is great on this dura too

Now because I use to be analog user it is more difficult for me to adapt. I suffer with terrible headaches because I get stressey when trying new aids out. I hope I am not the only one. Not only this I wake up dreading putting the dura in. FORTUNATELY I have a very patient audi. But I really want to resolve this so I can get on with my actual life :frowning: feeling very depressed today about it all. I work full time as a credit controller and the aid is paramount for the phone and office. Which at the moment office wise is a struggle.

Is there any one able to help me?

At present I am struggling with this aid. I find at times sounds like everyone is in a really big room with high ceilings. The conversation isnt flowing very clearly. All I want to do is increase the volume just to hear the conversation but sometimes that doesn’t do it.

Also I find noises such as walking down the street all I can hears are cars and rather loud noises yet I struggle. Or in the kitchen all I can hear is the kettle boiling REALLY loudly but not the person talking in front of me :frowning:

For some strange reason I don’t like what I am prescribe with, BUT my old moxi it was more mid bass I liked. But this time it doesn’t seem to be the case. I do seem to like bass in this aid but Im really getting frustrated with it all now. As I just want to be able to watch the TV with ease the simple things really. At times I thought I sounded bunged up. I am also started to mumble with my speech. This isn’t GOOD!! :frowning: I must be driving my poor audiologist MAD.

In a way I am glad he has taken my old Moxi away from me as normally I would stick the old moxi straight back in.

Suggestions GRATEFULLY appreciated.

It sounds like you need to go back and have some adjustments. You may have to try several adjustments to figure out what you really need.

I read both posts and, honestly, I have no idea what the problem is or even what your complaints are.

I assume “bunged up” means occluded? You mention too much bass (I think). Do voices sound muffled while other sounds are clear? That should be an easy fix.

When you go to your audiologist for an adjustment do you talk the whole time, or do you let the audiologist drive the visit? Sometimes when we are stressed we react in ways that are not in our best interests.

Thanks Don its nice to see someone has seen my post :slight_smile:

Well he put two programs in the aid for me to test out and I seem to you a program that had more bass in. I think its because I like to know things are easy to hear (louder) as I am an analogue user. I am squinting my face a lot to actually understand a conversation. Its like a conversation has merged into one long word very hard to understand the breakdown of the conversation.

I do get to talk to him, but as you can understand when I am explaining and he is adjusting it is in a very quiet room. I have gone through many aid in the last year. But I have been with this one since feb. A visit nearly every week :frowning: I just feel helpless as I am rubbish at explaining etc.

Has anyone tried or use the moxi.

I’m still struggling with the background and noises environment. I’m finding the noise reduction way to aggressive and goes up and down like a yo up with the quality of the sound and it seems to lose its quality when it gets louder over tried bringing the volumn right down. I have tried the directional mic which is better but at the moment I sound rather loud and occluded and sounds more basey on a few people.

Please can some tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel I have been trying for 16 months now to get this right and there doesn’t seem much hope at the mo. I loved my moxi yuu in the end! I did have a few issues with the feed back and mould but that was it nothing compared to this.

I dread putting it on the morning as really I cannot be bothered to keep adjusting the aid constantly by the remote. I never touched my old one. The tele coil was clearer as well. Nothing on these new aids work well with the tele coil this is the only one that comes close to it :frowning: …the other things is I’m never near my prescription hearing either even with my old moxi it is way out to what I need

Suggestions please