MOVERIO by Epson - Competition for Sony Access Glasses at the movies?


If you’ve been to the movies I hope you have asked what ALDs are available. I think the Sony Access Glasses for captioning are great. They do have some competition (can’t remember the brand) in the form of gooseneck caption displays. I love the glasses format of the Sony but they are a bit heavy. Well finally someone else has entered the game.



I asked at our local theater a while back and was given two options. One was a box that I held and read the captions from a small screen. The other was headphones. I took a pass on both. I actually don’t go to movies any more because I can’t understand much of what is happening on screen. I wait until they are available either on DVD or streaming when they usually have subtitles. I did go to a place in Atlanta once where they had special glasses that let you see the subtitles. I didn’t get them, but wish I had just so I could see how well they worked. If it weren’t for closed captions, I wouldn’t even go to the trouble of watching TV.



The one you hold should actually go in the drinks cup holder and then is adjusted so you can see it right below the screen. I find it OK.

The one with the glasses would have been the Sony one. It’s fantastic. I’ve been looking to buy my own but so far only came up with the receiver and charger. I don’t have the actual glasses yet.