Motorcyle rider question on best ha

I Ride Motorcyles. I Also Wear A Helmet And Glasses. Does Anyone Have Any Suggestion On A Type Of Ha To Get. Was Considering An Open Fit. Any Suggestions Would Be Helpful

any high end instrument should do the trick…
some of the newer mid price instrument could do the trick
like the Unitron extra or the Oticon Vigo…
Im sure soon other comp. like GN, Phonak and Siemens would have
better mid price instruments, with almost all the bells and whistles

You want something that has windblock management on the HA instrument, I would think that riding a motorcycle will create alot of wind for you.

A strong wind block feature set would be critical for you.


Something high end, and something small. Remember that open fit can be done with a CIC. By making the aid that small it will hide behind the tragus and therefore have less wind rushing over the microphone.

If you get something high end it will have a wind noise filter on it. Also if you get multi memory you could have a program designed for riding a motorcycle that had special enhanced cuts for background noise and wind noise.

I have two patients that ride Harley’s a lot. They both wear small in the ear Destiny 1200/1600. Both aids have two different levels of wind noise suppression. They do very well.

I have a third patient who drives a convertible Mustang that is quite loud and he wears open fit Starkey Destiny 1200s. No problems.

a multi memory could be a good idea, if you get a phonak- your remote control for the programs is in your keychain (this is cool)

I have a convertible and I have ReSound Dot 10s and am fine in the car with the top and windows down. Today it was windy here and I would occasionally get some wind noise, but it wasn’t bad. I do have a windscreen behind the front seats and that helps. But I had more wind noise outside of the car than in it.

you know you can custimize that using the enviromental optimizer (it is a automatic volume control for 7 specific envi. it should to the trick)

I have a hard time getting my helmet on and off with my BTE hearing aids.

Hi sandyrose46

I haven’t seen anyone mention feedback. I wear open fit BTE aids, and when I get my hand close to my ear, I get solid feedback. I’m a shooter, and wearing over-the-ear hearing protectors (ear muffs), does the same thing. I would guess that a motorcycle helmet would also cause feedback. I take my hearing aids out when I wear hearing protection, but you probably don’t want to do that when you ride! “I’m sorry officer, I couldn’t hear your siren!” :eek:


I agree with the multi memory concept, but I hate remote controls. I think they are yesterday’s technology. One patient once brought one in that was the size of an old fashioned audio cassette. I couldn’t believe he carried this thing around.

For the most part a modern aid should be fully automatic with a button to select special programs for special situations. I think the remote is highly inconvenient, even if they are small these days.

maybe a control remote is one of those things you like to have
or seems like a great idea but not so practical for the most part…

It reminds me of the delta colors, who people love all the colors out there
but 99.99 get grey or similar…

But I still praise phonak for having so many Remote controls…

Actually that “Sorry officer I could not hear your siren” happened to me. Boy was he mad. When I told him I have a heariing disability he asked for proof. I said “What”

thats funny…

LOUD belly laugh! :smiley:

I ride a motorcycle, and I also wear hearing aids. But I do NOT do both at the same time.

The wind noise from riding a motorcycle is probably a part of the reason that you need hearing aids. You don’t want to amplify any part of the sound when riding a motorcycle.

On the contrary, you should be wearing Ear Plugs when you ride a motorcycle. I have found “musician” ear plugs to be the best. They block quite a bit of sound to protect your hearing but let through more of the higher frequencies so that you can hear sirens and some voices.

Westone has earplugs designed specifically for motorcyclists (#4RT):

FWIW, I ride with a pair of 5 year old GN Resound Canta 2 CIC’s and with either a full helmet or half shell and have never had issues with wind noise or wearability.

These are not high-end hearing aids, but they do a decent job with feedback supression.

I ride a motorcycle too and haven’t had any problems with getting a helmet on and off with my BTE aids (not open fit). Luckily I don’t have any feedback so that’s not an issue for me. I presume that feedback with anything close to the hearing aids means the ear mold doesn’t fit correctly or that the mapping isn’t correct. However for whatever reason, I prefer to ride without the hearing aids in. In my experience, nearly ALL mc riders are VERY good about checking their mirrors (much more so than ‘cagers’) so not hearing an emergency vehicle is only a remote possibility. Those that drive cars with their stereo blasting, talking on a cell phone or trying to calm down screaming kids in the back are more likely to not hear/see emergency vehicles.


The new Be by Resound is a new concept for hearing aids and reduces wind noise to levels never achieved before. If you have a mild to moderate loss - this would be a very good option to try.

You can find more info at…

Hope this helps