Most popular programs for Phonak Audeo Marvel

or should I say “select channels” to adjust HA too, if AutoSense is bypassed. Just curious what users like as far as HA settings to deal with background noise, restaurants, driving car, etc. And please list any setting you think are worth bypassing.

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My audi asked if I wanted any programs, but I find that autosense does all that I need it too.

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I also find AutoSense does all I need it too.

Autosense works for me for about 80% of the time…

But my acoustic guitar sounds like crap with Autosense, so I have a music program for when I’m playing guitar.

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Do you simply choose “Music” and lock in to the music program or did your audiologist design a different music program with a different name for you?

I wasn’t satisfied with the sound of my 7’5" concert grand piano and the last time I was in for a recheck my audiologist called in to Phonak and did a conference call with the three of us and I explained what I was hearing with my Marvels and that what I was hearing streaming piano music were two very different experiences.

The Phonak person had my audiologist create a new program called “Music 1” and had her enter a new set of numbers. When I choose the “Music 1” program, my piano sounds a good bit better but it still isn’t what I want to hear, so I have yet another adjustment appointment.


I recommend Music and Speech in Loud Noise. While AutoSense does a good job in many situations, there are times when I want the control (and benefit) provided by these two programs. Music enables a much richer sound than the main program (which is tuned to prioritize speech) and Speech in Loud Noise activates binaural streaming and strong noise reduction which can be a godsend in crowded restaurants where I just really want to focus on a conversation with my seatmate.

Speech in Loud Noise can only be activated by AutoSense in the M-90’s. In the other technology levels, you must specify it as a program and then manually activate if you want to try it and see if it provides a benefit to you.


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My Audi set up the specific program for me based upon her knowledge of other clients who play guitar… It was okay after trying it for a few weeks, but I still had some issues.

So we arranged to have an appointment where I brought my guitar in and demonstrated where and when my sound quality issues were. She made several adjustments based upon my input. The program might need some additional minor tweaks for the occasions when I’m playing with others, but it’s been great since she made the latest adjustments.

Now, depending on my mood, I’ll either switch from Autosense to the Music program via the HA’s or use the App. In the App, I’ve renamed it “Dave’s Guitar Program”. LOL



Thanks for the tip. I’ve got the M70’s, so anything specifically related to the 90’s probably won’t work on the 70’s.

What my Audi did for me by setting up a specific program when playing guitar seems to be working great for me.

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I have the previous hearing aids with autosense 2 and Autosense really does a good job.

For manual programs I have speech in loud noise with noise reduction maxed out, for extreme situations. I also have the acoustic phone program so I can take calls on any phone.

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Well AutoSense sounds wonderful but also a little too good to be true - but I’ll have to test it first to see if provides results in all hearing environments. I need to research Audeo Marvel programs (specifically for Audeo Marvel T-13 90) but are we just saying for noisy environment there is only “speech in loud noise” and nothing else? Again I’m talking manually activating through iPhone for certain situations when you walk into a restaurant, get in your car, movie theater. etc. One would think the new Marvel’s should have lots of settings to manually change if “user” sees a need. As in a few more bells and whistles versus letting AutoSense do everything.

I find UltraZoom very good for noisy places. I don’t get on with Speech in Loud Noise.


360/ultrazoom is very good for some situations. In 360 mode it is looking for voices so if your table is just a little quieter than the table next to you, it may pick up the other voices. If you put it on 360 and focus ahead of you (with the app) it helps that situation and works well. Speech in loud noise works well too and it is directional, somewhat like 360 with front focus and possibly more noise reduction.

There is more than one way to do it.


Also, the Autosense environments are adjustable. We upped noise reduction on Autosense speech in loud noise and on Car.

There is a wealth of adjustments and it is important to have a pro who is familiar with the Phonak software.


I just started a trial of the m50. Now granted the fitting was rushed because I was going on vacation the next day and she squeezed me because of the hearing aid came in. The only program I have is autosense 3.0. Not surprisingly giving my other hearing aids I find that program to be overly aggressive. For example I was sitting out by the pool and while I could hear speech around me that was about it. I took the hearing aid off to go take a jump into the pool and after I dryed off, turned it back on and put the hearing aid back in, low and behold there was music being played at the pool. This lasted for about 30 seconds and then basically silence and the occasional voice of someone speaking near me. I often had that problem with other hearing aids. I just personally prefer something set to omnidirectional limited processing so I can hear the full spectrum of sound and let my brain work out what is noise and what is not. Although I can see an advantage perhaps if I’m in a situation I really need to concentrate on someone speaking to me. More work to be done.

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Unless someone is talking to you, you should hear everything.

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That is not the case for me, I had no clue music was playing until I turned it off then back on. The audiologist admitted I was the first person she fit with the marvel.

My audi mentioned he did this with someone, so I asked if I could bring my drumset in.

He didn’t seem too keen on that for some reason…:thinking:

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LOL, Fortunately, I play acoustic guitar… My Audi told me no electric guitars and amos in the office.

This is the first I’ve heard of UltraZoom. What is it? Is it one of Phonak’s built-in programs?

UltraZoom is very good. It’s one of Phonak features within the Speech In Noise program but not in the Speech in Loud Noise program.

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