More questions - from a new user

Hi everyone! Thanks again for all the support. I am now in week 3 of hearing aids for the first time. I have mild reverse sloping hearing loss. (I still don’t know how to post my audiogram.) I have solved most issues but still have a few questions.

Here are the questions:
-I feel hard of hearing when I take my hearing aids out at night. It’s like everything is muffled. This is what it should feel like if I’m adjusted, right?

-It almost feels like I cannot tell I’m wearing the HAs anymore. I know they are on (I can hear the tones when they turn on, they make feedback if I do something crazy, etc.) but I’m not sure I can tell the difference between what I’m hearing on my own versus with support. Is this normal? I am hearing better but need a few adjustments still, which I am told is normal given the type of loss.

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- Follow this tutorial to post your audiogram.

  • Yes, you will notice a difference when you take your aids out as you get used to them. It’s not necessarily an indication that the adjustment period is done though.
  • It’s great that you’re getting so used to them that you don’t notice them. Yes, that’s ideal

That’s what you want I would think. Your doing good! Wish I was at that point. I’m going on 6 months and still know what I’m hearing is aided.

Your brain adapts and gets used to the new normal. When you remove your hearing aids it feels quiet and weird. Side benefit is that everything is nice and quiet when you go to sleep at night.

Everything you said sounds normal.


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I personally enjoy the quiet at night. I have one ear that is a bit better than the other, and I put that “good” ear on the pillow with the worse one facing up…NOTHING disturbs my sleep, I don’t know how people with normal hearing can sleep with noise going on all the time…