More questions about my new Jabras from Costco

A little over 2 weeks ago I asked some questions about my new Jabra Enhance Pros from Costco. I’ve got two more!
I’ve made my own program in the EnhancePro app, but I noticed it’s accessible only from the app. I cannot select it via the “usual” methods, such as long presses on the HA toggle button. Bummer. Does anyone know how to do this?

Also, I have the Micro Mic from Resound and I fully expected that I could use it with the Jabra. I can’t make them pair or connect. Has anyone been able to do this? Please let me know how.


Any “favorites” you create in the app can only be selected in the app. You can use location services to have the aids switch automatically when you go to the location you designated when creating the favorite. I’ve played with it, but don’t find it very useful.

I’m surprised you can’t get the Micro Mic to pair. You do have to have the newer versions of the accessories to pair with the Jabras. My ReSound Phone Clip 2, Remote 2, and TV Streamer 2 all paired just fine. With the TV Streamer 2, Micro Mic, and Multi Mic you are limited to pairing three devices.

With my ReSound Preza aids I had three TV Streamers paired, with no ability to pair other devices. With my Jabras I have only two TV Streamers paired. The third one is in my office, which I’ve not been to since March of 2020.

How old is the Micro Mic? Maybe it’s an earlier version that worked with older ReSound aids. With the Micro Mic pairing, what are you experiencing when you try to pair it to the Jabras?

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How are you trying to pair it? The costco HIS can pair it through their app pretty easily. To pair it yourself you need to:

  • turn off both HA
  • turn on the mic and hit the pairing button
  • turn on the HA

They should pair this way. Try taking it to Costco if that doesn’t work.

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I did get the micro mic to work. I was doing it wrong! Thanks for all your help.

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Any time :slight_smile: Glad I could help.