More options for Phonak Marvel buttons

With Phonak Marvel M70 13T i have to click 3x long, to change from manual program 2 to 1 (2 - 3 - autosense - 1).
I don´t understand, why the Marvels do not get more options for the
I think that wouldn’t be a problem with a firmware update + target update.

Generally at least 8 key functions would be conceivable:

  • Top right short = louder
  • Bottom right short = quieter
  • Top left short = program higher
  • Bottom left short = program down
  • Top right long = “OK Google, or Siri” (e.g. “what is the time?”)
  • Bottom right long = loudspeaker off (in very loud situations)
  • Top left long = hands-free microphone off (speaking into phone in case of noise).
  • Bottom left long = Bluetooth off (so that someone else can continue the call).

I mailed this suggestion for improvement today to sonova apps, but maybe that is the wrong adress?!

What do you think about more possible buttonfunktions?
It only have to be optional, so that someome who wishes only 2-3 options could deaktivate more.


as a new user, I like some of it…but I don’t think that I’d ever remember them with that many choices!

I have wanted a bit more though. I can stop the music streaming form my phone with a long press… but I apparently can’t restart it.
Your top right long press to trigger siri or google… I have occasionally been able to trigger it hands-free by just speaking “ok google”, but it’s not been consistent…& I don’t know if it’s the phone mic picking it up or the aids…but I do love the idea of having a direct function from the aid to trigger it, especially if it would work even if the phone is locked!

I currently only have three programs and plan to ask her to remove one of them my next visit that I never use. The auto sense thing seems to work pretty well for me so the only other one I need if to turn on the t-coil. I never use my tinitus white noise function…and I find it a pain in the neck having to step through it and not being sure which of the three programs I’m in…
so I don’t know how you could tell what’s going on with so many different ones that you’d need an up and a down.

Also, I sorta like being able to turn up or down the volume on either side and not having to remember which side to do what on.

Oh, I do love the idea of being able to turn off the hands free phone…&/or the bluetooth…your last two ideas.

I guess I like it much more simple, but you do have some great options in mind.
and hey, you might even add more if you throw in some double clicks!

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I use all kinds of high tech stuff. But I second the notion that I would never be able to remember all that stuff. I love the redundancy of having exactly the same functions on the right and left side. I’m cognitively dyslexic and mix up right and left all the time, so it would be impossible for me to operate left/right critical things.

Not to mention that sometimes one or the other hand is occupied when you need to make an adjustment. It’s possible but very difficult to reach over to the other side.

I wish that the jingles were shorter and the long-press time was shorter to make it more efficient when I need to change things. But it’s pretty good the way it is.

But you know, some people would love those extended functions. I think simple defaults and customizable options would be the best of both worlds.


ha ha…yeah I threw that double click idea in there for the OP’s benefit, not ours!

I trialed Oticon OPN aids along with these Marvels. The oticon units were set up with a left/right configuration. As I recall it was only a single button…volume up one side volume down the other. As mentioned I can at times get tangled in the left or right decision (I think because it was simple & only for one thing), but I didn’t find it difficult to keep it straight which side I needed to press…but you are spot on, Haggis, about sometimes not having the needed hand free. That was a minor irritation a few times.
With that one it was necessary to change programs more than with these phonaks, and it was nice that you could change the program with either side…scroll up on one side and down on the other…and I think you could mute on either side.
One thing that did impress me with their set up was putting into airplane mode…more elegant I think to be able to do it without opening and closing the battery door.
The absolute best thing about their set-up though…and something that makes the left/right differentiation a must… was that there was only a single button on each side. I still don’t really like that I have to put so much effort into finding which end is up and which is down.
Anyway, I’d totally agree that if something like this were to be considered it would be best probably to offer it as a series of options…none, some, or all

Oh, I thought of one more function idea… power on/off using buttons. It puzzles me why these things require the battery door to be opened. Very clunky idea, and from an engineering perspective, I’m constantly wondering what the life cycle limit is for the friction catch that holds it closed. Sooner or later that thing will get loose and fall open…and/or the battery contacts will get loose. Also, every time it’s opened the odds of something breaking go up. For a $6 Grand item…that should in my opinion be able to be engineered as a button function

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Interestingly, the rechargeable Marvels (like I have) do power off with the buttons – extra-long press turns off that HA. Obviously, with rechargeables you can’t take out the battery.

But since they have this function for the rechargeables in the firmware and the hardware (obviously a power-conserving deep “sleep” function), why couldn’t they just leave it in with the 13’s as well? Is that not the case?

Need to add a HUD to list the options. :slight_smile: BTW, I just enabled the mute function on mine, which means the down button (on both sides) already has 3 functions. Short press=volume down, long press (3 seconds)=mute, extra long press=off.

The last one (extra long press=off) not for the battery-Marvels.
It would be a good solution, but maybe a sleep-modus with little battery-consumption?!


Seems like it would have been easy to provide it as an option the same way they do for the mute function - disabled by default, but available for those who find it useful. My guess is that simplicity is paramount on account of more options = more complaints from the least technically savvy.

you missed the possibility to press multiple buttons simultaneously :wink:

  • top and bottom right short = connect to the other bluetooth-device
  • top and bottom left short = replay last 5 seconds from permanent time-shift (when you missed the start of a sentence of your wife)
  • top and bottom left and top right long = reboot (ctrl+alt+del) :smiley:
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I love it it!

thinking … “now what did she just say? I’d better use the rewind feature to make her feel like I’m always listing.”
ahhh… let’s see
bottom right short press… dang it, I didn’t want to make it lower!
ok, re-group… ok, i think it was bottom right long…
…siri says “beep…how can I help you”
meanwhile dear wife is continuing with her story… and I’ve heard none of it.
ugh…I gotta save myself!.. think fast!!!
“I’m sorry dear, did you just say something? My batteries just died in my ears…” (yeah, that’s it…that’ll work…I hope)
meanwhile I’m thinking…“I’ve gotta find that manual and review how to use the playback function again. It would be such a great feature, if only…”


I also love this rewind idea. I have it on my car stereo and it’s great. It would be easy for them to implement if they have a little bit of digital memory available.

This could be a game changer. Has anyone patented it?

actually I do agree. Might be a very interesting feature. Didn’t make that clear before as I was running with the funny side of it.

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Good clarification, Brad, but I for one got exactly what you were going for.