More About C.I.C. Models

I would like to hear more from some users who have C.I.C. models. After trying Siemens Intuis, I turned them in for the Siemens Cielo 2 power C.I.C. because I wanted more control of programs and volume (via the remote control).

The audi warned me that the battery life would be slightly less than the more-basic 72-hour Intuis, but my Cielos shut down anywhere from 4-7 hours after installing new batteries. (The battery indicator on the remote shows full batteries right up to the time of shutdown.) If I wait until the next day the same batteries will work again for a few more hours. This happens with various brands of batteries.

More significantly, speech intelligibility is very little better with the aids than without. There’s no doubt that I can hear more noises, more loudly, but I still have to ask people to repeat themselves almost as often as before I got aids. I do like the convenience of C.I.C.s because they don’t have feedback, or wind noise, and are very compatible with the telephone, muff-type headsets and eyeglasses, and can be easily removed and replaced discretely in public, as necessary to meet changing conditions.

I’ve read on this forum from users with BTE, OTE open-fit models who also complain of little improvement in speech intelligibility; but others seem to enjoy a big improvement. I just wonder if there is anyone out there with C.I.C. models who experience a big improvement in speech intelligibility.

I have Starkey 1600 CIC’s. Battery life in those are 4 to 5 days on the average. I’m not happy with the way they work for me either. I just got them back from where I purchased them, originally I had told him to take them back all together, but he wanted his 10% to do that:(. So I had him adjust them to how they were when they came from the factory and I’ll have to find somebody local, who knows how to adjust them. I’m also having a problem with speech, still asking people to repeat themselves but not quite as often. I can’t wear the BTE’s due to my job. They would get destroyed :eek: in no time.

depending on your type of hearing loss, etc etc
overall i prefer to fit Bte aids…

Too bad you are not doing well with these aids. They are one of the most impressive on the market today. Unfortunately, they are very complicated to program, and many hearing professionals suck at programming them (in fact as digital aids become more complex this seems to be an increasing problem).

If you live anywhere near Tennessee, I’d be happy to program them for you. They have a great self-hearing test feature that matches exactly to your loss, and real ear measurement (very rare to get on a hearing aid). If you are not happy with them, I’d seriously suggest programming incompetence is the most likely problem.

I’ve been working with Starkey aids since 1994, and I’ve not had a problem programming them.

i have not seen starkey fitting soft…
but in their presentation they claim the software is very friendly…

is this instrument hard to tweek or the problem is a more general one?

Well I finally got an appointment with an audi and when I asked her about the REM she shrugged her shoulders:confused:, and played around trying to tweak them. She did say that the venting was way to small and asked me why. My comment was, that was the way the HIS ordered them. She wants to send them back to Starkey to get them remade. I guess I have a year to do this. I just don’t think she knows how to program them either?:frowning:

I don’t think the instrument is hard to adjust like some I’ve seen. But you really need to know what to do with the massive number of options. While the programming is generally simple on this aid, there are more options than on any hearing aid I’ve ever seen. I know this will scare some people. Also the Inspire OS programming software is fairly new and has only been around for a couple of years.

I just have a general opinion that there are a lot of hearing professionals out there who qualified before digital technology came out. These people seem to be technophobes who are not at all comfortable programming hearing aids. Certainly in the area I work, at least half the hearing professionals suck at programming.

WOW. Scary. FYI, if you don’t use the REM on those aids, they are worthless. It’s the most important defining feature of that model of aid. If you don’t calibrate it, goodness knows what you will end up with.:eek:

Let me make a suggestion. Go to the Starkey web site. Do a zip code search for professionals in your area, and see if you can find someone who is in the Starkey Hearing Alliance. These people have agreed to offer Starkey aids exclusively. These people receive special training and are usually experts at programming the Starkey product, because it is all they use.

That’s where I found this last audi I went to!!!:eek:

That’s pretty sad.

that tell you there are good and bad audi regarless if they belong to a special network or not…

Well of course, but being in this network means they sell exclusively one brand. With that in mind, you’d think they’d learn the only product they sell…

true I agree, but most audi would sell one or two brands right…
would this statement be accurate in general?

Well the Audi I went to sells quite a few brands if you looked at all the advertisements she had hanging around her office. Howie