More 1 vs KS10 Initial Thoughts from Someone New to HAs

Hello everyone! I have been lurking here over the past few weeks as I began my hearing aid journey. This site and forum have been a fantastic resource!

Approximately 15 years ago, my significant other recommended that I also be tested, as I often had to ask people to repeat themselves. I had mild to moderate hearing loss at that time, but being in my early 30s, I was too stubborn and proud to wear hearing aids. Additionally, the quoted pricing at the time was a bit out of reach.

Bringing us to today, I was tested once more upon prodding from others and noticing the need myself. Now with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, I started my journey for hearing aids.

My health clinic audiologist demoed the Phonak P90s for me within their office for about 10 minutes. It was hard to gauge the usefulness of the aids from this 10 minutes in a chair in her office. So being in the tech industry, I started my search online and found this forum and Dr. Cliff’s videos, both of which have been excellent resources!

I next demoed the Oticon More 1 for a week from a local audiologist’s office. This demo was an amazing experience. During my first hike with the More 1s, I remember tears of joy from hearing all the sounds I had been missing! That week was an “ear-opening” experience, which made me realize just how much I needed hearing aids. Admittedly, it was tough returning these at the end of the week. The More 1s ability to allow me to hear the surrounding sounds were outstanding. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover hearing aids, so I decided to try other options before committing to approximately $5K for an unbundled service option.

Thanks to this forum, I found out about Costco and am currently using the KS10s. Being the cousin to the Phonak P90s and only $1400, I would have been remiss not to try them. I have had them for about a week, and admittedly I immediately missed the 360 surround capabilities of the More 1, though I have created an Outdoors program for the KS10s, which helps come a little closer, to the More 1 sound when hiking / outdoors.

One of two areas where the KS10s do shine is with speech clarity. Speech is definitely clearer, even in noisier environments. However, this may be due to the KS10s being fitted with REM, while the More 1s 1 week test did not include this. The next area I enjoy is the technology level. I work within the tech industry, and the classic Bluetooth works better for my needs. Additionally, I like the double-tap features for calls and pausing blue tooth streaming.

I switch between iOS and Android every 2-3 years to stay current with both platforms. I am currently in the middle of the Android period. While the More 1 supported the ASHA protocol, the low power caused the Bluetooth to constantly cut out unless the phone was right in front of me. Additionally, I was unable to connect to my Mac without an additional accessory. With the KS10s, I can leave my phone at my desk and walk to the kitchen or living room while streaming without issue.

It was also great to find that I can wear my over-ear Bose headphones with both the More 1s and the KS10s. They are comfortable and provide improved music sound, noise-canceling, and no feedback issues while working. The AutoSense in the KS10s automatically switches to the music program, though I have created a custom one that has better defaults for my taste. When I go for the follow-up next week, I will see if the default Music program can be adjusted.

I plan to test out the KS10s for a month and then decide to stay or switch to the More 1s. I continue to miss the 360 sound of the More 1s, but so far, the KS10’s combined voice clarity and technology may fit my life a bit better. Though being able to use my over-ear headphones helps alleviate some of the More 1s connectivity issues. This may be a tough decision!

One question, would it be worth asking for another test of the More 1s and paying for a proper fitting to have a true comparison as pertaining to the voice clarity?

Thanks again to everyone on this forum. After spending hours reading pasts posts, you have helped me, and I am sure others, work through the struggles of being new to hearing aids.


Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the hearing aid reviews.
Very well done.


I assume what you’re asking is whether to go back and try out the More 1 with the REM test done on it so that it’s more apple to apple comparison with the KS10 in terms of speech clarity in noise? I guess it depends on how much they want to charge you for the REM.

It’d be worth it if the actual gains are far off from the target gains and the REM adjustment is significant enough for you to be able to tell a difference. But it’s also possible that the actual gain is already close enough to the target gains that only little REM adjustment is necessary, then in that case you won’t notice much difference than before. The bottom line is that paying for the REM on the More 1 doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the result will be better than before. If it ends up sounding not much different than before, then what you’re paying for is basically the knowledge that the gains are already near optimal in the first place.

I think the reason you get better speech clarity in noise on the KS10 is more likely because the beam forming helps give you sole focus on the speech in noisy places, while with the More 1, your brain hearing will have to work at doing the focusing because the noise is not blocked out for you except only while speech is going on. But usually once your brain hearing is developed better after you have worn the More long enough (maybe a month or two, but definitely not just 1 week), then you may find it easier to focus on the voice you want to hear in noise with the More. It just takes practice. But if you rarely are exposed to noisy environments, then it may be harder to get the practice/exercise your brain hearing needs, in which case, the KS10 would probably be more suitable for you.

Now if you have better speech clarity with the KS10 in simple environment (non noisy places) compared to the More 1 in the same simple environment, then it’s something else going on.

I think the KS10 is a tremendous value and if you’re quite happy with it, and the openness of the More in noise is not that critical to you, then the KS10 at $1400 handily beats down the More 1 at $5K+.


@Jeepster: I’m a 110% satisfied Oticon More1 user, but I completely agree with what @Volusiano has said.

If it weren’t for VAC covering my hearing devices, I’d be making tracks for Costco, myself.

Welcome to the Forum!

In my particular case I was 6 years without adequate sensory input to my auditory cortex: my HAs were incorrectly fitted, and sat in a drawer for most of that time. I’ve been wearing my More devices for 4 1/2 months, and I feel it’s taken this long to get back the brain hearing that I had lost. YMMV.


This was exactly what I was asking. Thanks for the detailed response, as it helps to put things into better perspective, especially with the voice clarity.

I do live downtown in a mid-sized city, so plenty of noisier environments. That said, the price difference is definitely a consideration. Also, knowing myself, being in the tech industry, I like to upgrade/try new technology often. At $1400 for my first pair, it would be a bit more palpable to upgrade in 2-3 years.

@SpudGunner During and after my 1-week test with More 1, I have followed your praise of them! The sound and spatial awareness from them are excellent!

I’m intrigued by the More 1 and the overall sound and spatial awareness, but not $5000 intrigued. I’m wearing Jabra Enhance Pro aids with standard receivers. Set up in the All Around Program with All Access Directionality, I am able to hear well, and hear sounds all around me as you might expect.

I demo’ed the KS10s for a few minutes in the sound booth, and did not like the directionality of the sound. They seemed to zoom in on speech to the detriment of any other sounds.

At $1799.99, I’m happy with the Jabras. Coming from the More 1, what prompted you to try the KS 10s versus any other Costco product?

I have a month experience with all three of the current Costco hearing aids, and with the Oticon More 1. The KS20 was the worst of the four. It features old bluetooth standards that run through the built in battery quickly - frequently less and a day. From Costco by far the best was the JABA, with the in the ear microphones. The wind noise was none existent, and speech in noise was far better than with the KS10. Battery life was much much superior to the KS10.

The Oticon More was a revelation. All other hearing aids made me feel like I lived in a tunnel separated from the flow of life, but the More made me sing with joy because I heard sounds that i had not heard in twenty years, and i still understood speech in noise. Unlike the others the Oticon More does not lower background sound continually, but only when someone is speaking - it then fills in the silence between syllables with background noise so you get both. If you are used to the old approach of silencing every8ithgn but speech this will seem strange for a day or two, but then you realize that it more closely resembles the way you heard when you were younger.

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From this site and forum, I had learned that the KS10 is close to the Phonak P90 and the HIS recommended it, so I went with it. I believe one reason that it was recommended was that I am currently using Android.

I can lower the directionality somewhat within custom programs by lowering the speech focus and noise reduction (to a lesser degree). However, this reverts when Autosense is enabled. I would believe this directionality is one reason that the speech clarity is noise is better, at least for someone new to HA.

I have been watching the conversations about the Jabra. The M&RIE is very intriguing and sounds like it really helps with spatial awareness as well. There are so many options available, which is great to see and a bit overwhelming at times.

AutoSense is the weak link of the Phonak brand IMHO.
I trialed the the Marvels 1 1/2 years ago, and it drove me crazzzzy!
If you go with the KS10 have the manual programs set up for your listening pleasure.
Yes, you’ll need to manually cycle through, but the end result is much better.

I’m a current Oticon user, and could not be happier, but as @SpudGunner said, without $$ assistance, it’s a big ask to go that route.
Did you serve in the military? If so, you should go to the VA.

I’m surprised at this comment. I’ve had KS10’s (I presume the 20 is a typo.) for 2 1/2 months and use only about 50-60% of the battery power in 12 hours.

OTOH, I’m having trouble streaming, especially with my Dell laptop. When the computer awakens I need to re-connect during the 3-minute pairing period, which means turning the aids off/on, a nuisance. I bought an ASUS-USB BT500 adapter but that seems to not be better. And for the past few days, the Easy Line app has not worked (won’t connect).

I have an appointment at my local Costco Sunday to see whether they can fix things.

My dad, who has been wearing HAs for almost 30 years, obtains his through the VA. Unfortunately, I was not in the military, so that isn’t an option for me though.

@FredO Overall, the KS10s connect to my Macbook Pro without issue, except when I use zoom. For some reason when I attempt to use zoom, the Mac will drop the blue tooth connection with the HAs until i restart the right HA. Though I can use other audio/video apps without issue, such as Slack. Good luck with your follow-up Sunday, hopefully, you can resolve your connection issues.

To clarify, my comment about KS10 draining batteries in less than a day were when i used bluetooth. Without hours of heavy Bluetooth the KS10s easily lasted a full day. The KS10s use high power Bluetooth protocols when other companies are switching to low power Bluetooth. The advantage of high power booth is that it connects with almost anything whereas low power bluetooth is found only on SOME recent phones, such as iPhones.

Try the Philips at Costco. Very similar to the Oticon More. They are in the same family and similar.

This is not true. The Philips HearLink, both the first generation and the second generation (the 9030) are not the same and also not “very” similar to the Oticon More. Yes, they may share many exterior and peripheral characteristics and functionalities with the Oticon More because they’re both under the same parent company William Demant, but the “core” technologies between them are not the same or even similar at all.

This has been discussed at lengths in many threads on this forum. Just search for details if interested.


Thanks for the write up. I will be curious to read how this plays out. I just got fitted with KS10s yesterday afternoon coming from OPN S 1. I also plan on trying the More 1 later on. The KS10s have pros and cons for sure. The OPN S, like the More, offer a more immersive experience so far. This said, I can’t believe how cheap the KS10 are, and the 3yr warranty Costco provides including against loss is pretty amazing. My Oticons start to fail at the 18 months mark (because I ride six days a week and sweat a lot). My right OPN 1 S is 18 months old, and is already rebooting and giving me the dreaded error tones. The same happened to my OPN 1. That makes me somewhat reluctant to drop that much $ on the More.

Reliability has always been part of my hearing aid choice decision.

One thing about getting HA’s from Costco, maybe someone there more recently can confirm if it’s still so, is that if you take out a Costco credit card and buy whatever Costco HA best suits your needs, the warranty will be extended from 3 years to 5 years. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

Perhaps you’ve determined that there is no putting off your need for HA’s. Looks like you’ve soaked up an amazing amount of information from the forum and Dr. Cliff in short order(good work!). But in the next 6 months to a year, BT LE Audio should start coming out in phones and HA’s. Apple has advertised bidirectionality will be supported in future MFi HA’s to come out later this year or perhaps early next year. It will be interesting to see if Phonak sticks with its classic BT protocol or can go with BT LE Audio (which some BT SIG folks hope will supplant the proprietary protocols of ASHA and MFI (only work with Android and iOS, respectively). So a lot could change in the next year. But if it’s really interfering with your work, social, and home life, obviously there’s no point in delaying. One approach might go with a cheaper Costco HA now rather than splurge a big bundle on Oticon More’s now and find that they’re relatively obsolete because the next generation Oticon More is even more marvelous with the latest and greatest version of BT LE Audio. Compared to the price of the More from an audiologist, the price of a Costco HA at least just for the time being is not all that great and the Costco HA’s could serve as a backup for whatever you decide to get when the dust starts to settle on BT LE Audio, bidirectional HA’s, etc. You might want to consider buying your HA’s from an online site like and paying for any subsequent non-warranty visits a la carte after the initial fit and three follow-up visits covered by TruHearing pricing. If you do, just be sure the audiologist that you go with does REM.

If you filter by price from HIGH to LOW, you should see the per HA price (not the pair price) for More’s on the first catalog page. I got my ReSound Quattro’s through TruHearing and after that, the audiologist that I got linked up with has dealt with any warranty issues directly with ReSound and not charged me zilch for handling warranty replacements and fitting the replacement aids, etc. Hearing Aid Catalog | TruHearing Hearing Aids

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I had the dreaded multi-beep tones signifying that the mic needed repair on one of my OPN 1s one time as well after I wore it repeatedly to play tennis and I sweat profusely when I play. While my OPN 1s were under warranty, that was not an issue except for the down time for service, but once my OPN 1s went out of warranty, I just no longer wear them to play sport and don’t have that issue anymore.

I’m just not so sure I would count on the KS10 or any other hearing aid brands/models to be reliable in this respect if you expose them to so much moisture in the first place. Sure, you have 2 extra years of warranty on the KS10s if you pay with the Costco VISA, so you can expose them to moisture all you want until then, but I’d stop exposing them to moisture once any HAs are out of warranty, if you want them to last well after their warranty period. That is, unless you plan to get a new model every 5 years anyway.

Generally, the strategy is to use them based on your needs then get brand new replacement for them just before they go out of warranty. Then avoid torturing the new pair with moisture if you want them to last you a bit while longer until you’re ready for another brand new purchase under warranty again.

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Regarding using a Costco credit card. Using a Costco credit card to buy anything extends the warranty for 2 years. It’s different than the manufacturer’s warranty as you’ll pay for repairs and then get reimbursed. So you could use a Costco credit card to purchase hearing aids from your favorite audiologist and extend the warranty for 2 years. (Heck if you could get somebody to accept your credit card for payment on a car purchase, you could extend the car warranty, but I’ve never known a car dealer who would let you buy a car with a credit card)

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My Costco provider told me that they no longer provide extended hearing aid warranty to five years when you use the Costco credit card, but that they will honor five years for previous purchases.