Molds or Domes?


Picked up my new OPN 1 miniRITES on Monday and so far so good.

But, not quite perfect yet. I have an 85 in my left ear for the first time and it fits pretty good. She put a smaller dome on it. I have the 100 in my right ear and it’s really pretty uncomfortable. It’s so big I have a problem keeping it in and sealed properly.

When I picked these up the Audi said I might have some comfort problems and said we could go to molds if necessary.

I guess my question would be would changing to molds be any more comfortable and help create a better seal? Thanks

Edit: Also wondering if those that have molds have been happy with them? Seriously considering going to these but I want to be sure before jumping in.



Molds could certainly help. I’d be inclined to try an 85 in the right ear too. The 85 should do you well up to 2khz and I’m really not convinced you’re going to hear any higher frequencies without frequency lowering (Speech Rescue)



The fitter didn’t give me an option for a smaller dome on the 100, only the 85. That might be what I try before the molds.



lgbuck62: I can see why you have two different size receivers: the hearing in your RIGHT ear is significantly worse than in the LEFT ear. However, each receiver should fit any size dome! Typically, the silicone domes are S/M and L (note that S and M are the identical size - at least mine are!). The size of your ear canal and your hearing loss would determine the best dome to wear.

I find that sometimes one of my ear canals swells up a bit, so I swap in the S/M dome. But then when it returns to normal diameter, I get leakage and have to put the L dome on again.

YES custom molds will fit your ear canal better than silicone domes, but they are made of hard plastic, and so the initial impressions need to be done RIGHT - otherwise you get the sensation of a rock in the ear or that feedback leakage.

There is an aesthetic issue here, too: silicone domes simply disappear into the ear canal and look sleek! Custom molds are that awful shiny flesh-toned plastic (that oddly matches NO ONE’S flesh!), so they are immediately noticeable.

Your choice! But go for comfort and optimum performance of your aids. I wore custom molds for many years before switching to the silicone domes 3 yrs ago - which I vastly prefer in terms of feel, fit and look.



I find that custom molds are much more comfortable. Only power domes have less leakage for the lower frequencies, but they really itch.

Be careful to discuss what type of molds they order at the lab. To prevent leakage they ideally like to make a large mold not only for your ear canal but also spreading out. Being a tad vain, I limit them to the micro mold or custom tip or whatever the marketing likes to name them.

My custom molds are hard plastic, transparent with a slight rosy color and disappear into my canals, too.

Haven’t tried the soft plastic custom molds, though, but I have heard that they are very comfortable!



Mine were clear. @Zebras prefers awesome psychedelic swirled colors.

Some here have had them made out of silicone, which is softer but tends to yellow over time. I did get that rock in the ear sensation at first, but my audi was able to grind them down until I barely noticed them. My domes kept slipping out, the moulds stayed put all day.

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^^^ Definitely plusses and minuses to both silicone domes and the rock hard molds. I keep my little Oticon “rocks” as a secondary backup, but have pretty much made the transition to the silicon domed RIE models now.

My only wish here is for a more flexible, softer receiver LOG! That dang matchstick just fits like a redwood stump in a gopher hole.