Misunderstanding 1st word in quiet setting


My audiologist came back from a 3 month maternity leave and I’m trying to make a short list of hearing issues I’d like her to address. Does anyone know if there is some setting or adjustment or issue that would cause me to sometimes miss understanding the first word of a sentence–when the speaker first starts talking–in a quiet setting? I’ve only noticed it with my partner, and he has a deep voice and he’s not a mumbler. I have ReSound Quattros. Most of the time I just leave it in the “all around” program. But indoors, even in our pretty quiet house, I do keep the “noise filter” on because–without that–I hear sort of a very light hiss, like a faucet running and I find that annoying. My audiologist told me she has amplification at my prescription level. Three months ago I got custom molds and I’m not positive she did REM again–or at least not like she did originally. She played some static sounds into my ear for a few moments, but the original test was different and included me, e.g. listening to some text.

(I plan, for a day or two, to turn the noise filter off indoors and see if it makes any difference.)

I’ve wondered if this issue sounds like some known issue, that is just unknown to me. It’s like I need something adjustable to “wake” my HAs up just a beat sooner when quiet speech starts. Well, unless it’s just my ears and my brain.



Missing a word in the beginning of a sentence is not uncommon for me either. I believe it has to do with getting my attention before someone starts talking. Your hearing loss is a little like mine as it is worse in the speech range. To be honest I don’t believe there is much that can be done other that make sure the person speaking to you gets your attention first.



Well, maybe I’ll have to develop a “Hey, Siri” kind of protocol for our conversations!



There are a number of posts about missing first word. I remember reading many so I searched and found these, some may help,unfortunately, you will have to browse through them so to see, good luck.


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Thank you! I only looked at what popped up as I began the topic. I should have researched on the site first.
This thread even has a lot of detail on the Quattros in this situation.

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I don’t know about just the first soft word spoken but I found an interesting YouTube video that I will start a new topic on for comments from experienced folks - the A, B, C’s of fitting, according to one provider.

In that video at about 13 minutes the guy claims that trouble with soft-spoken people originates either with too little low-frequency amplification or sound at low frequency leaking out of domes. So his recipe is more low frequency amplification or counseling patients on occlusion and fitting them with more occluding molds, etc.

Don’t know whether this specific advice really has merit - the weird thing is that he says in fitting except for special situations like feedback or tinny sound complaints, he ignores frequencies above 1.5 K - that those frequencies will “take care of themselves” as a result of across the board changes in fit to adjust low frequency amplification, etc. The guy’s video certainly doesn’t have many views, likes, followers, etc., so that might be saying something right there.

I thought @Don with his experiments with soft voices and @focusandearnit in his detailed work with his audi to improve soft-spoken speech understanding might have critical comments to make.


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